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Thread: Little Sea Critters

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    Little Sea Critters

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    I just ate a bag of little sea life (mussels, shrimp, tiny octopus and some sort of crab) along with a piece of Alaskan Salmon.
    I was wondering about the quality of this stuff in terms of nutrition as compared with the various types of fish out there.
    I noticed they had a high content of proteine, but that's similar to a lot of fish.
    What about the other important stuff? (pollution, omega-3s, farms, etc.)

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    There probably is a wide variation in the pollution/sustainability factor. Perhaps someone else knows.

    Apparently, our ancestors ate lots of little sea critters at some periods in evolution. E.g., see this interesting presentation.

    If you can get good, sustainably caught or farmed critters, and you can afford them, go for it.
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    If ever there are findings that sea critters aren't a wonderful idea - I don't want to hear about it. I can't wait to go for Sashimi tonight!

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    If your fish came in a bag, then I wouldn't even bother trying to consider it's "quality".
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    Sorry dude, don't have the time to go fish in the ocean myself.
    Fish and meat being sold in containers is just a neccesariy aspect of shipping food around.

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