I've tried to make this post a bit more interesting with pictures etc to make it easier to digest. Cliffs is at the bottom of the second post for your convenience. As you can see I've put a lot of time into thinking this through and putting it all down on paper so if you have good knowledge on this subject I'd be in your debt if you'd pare some time to guide me in the right direction.



My mission was to originally bulk from 60kg to 90kg but this has taken a back seat because of this skin condition. This is my goal after I've got this fixed
I'm almost 20 and my seborrheic dermatitis is killing me. What should be a damn good time of my life is becoming real shit and it is getting steadily worse. I am getting additional dry skin spots on the right hand of my face. It has never been this bad in my life. Its awfully itchy and is pretty much all over my face, t-zone, forehead, eyebrows, eyelids, cheeks. I'm not convinced the primary cause is fungal... fungal creams have only served to make it flare, or do nothing. Pretty sure yeast isn't the issue. Its there on everyone... sounds more like my body is having a hard time regulating it. I used roid creams to keep the seb down before I found out how crap they really are for you. Having said that I haven't had a huge use of them over the years so I don't think they've had any lasting negative effects. Its horribly red and I hate going out right now, ditched a party last night because I didn't want to go out with this face on basically, also dread work and uni because of it. I'm a guy so its harder... given no make up and all. No cream or oil (besides roid cream) helps the skin, infact it all makes it worse, including things you think wouldn't be that bad like pure vitamin E from a capsule and oils that are just super on the rest of the skin like coconut oil.

Something must be really wrong because I used to have really really good, blemish-less, brown skin when I spent alot of time out in the sun as a real youngin (3-5 years old). I don't buy into the whole its a purely genetic thing but I think hormones might play a role. I think that means compensate for them with adequate vitamins, minerals or whatever it is, doesn't mean you're stuck with it. I've gone through periods without grains, wheat etc as well as dairy and I'm not convinced I have intolerances to either of them. I have struggled to put a correlation to intake of sugar / wheat and dairy with its flares. It gets increasingly hard to tell with Seb Derm because it goes through cycles, some of which are over long periods, some of which are very short. I'm sure stress doesn't help - fairly stressed because of full time uni + 3 days a week/job, gym x4 a week & this damn condition. Job is a further stressor because I have daily targets to meet. I've heard of conditions beginning with stress and feeding purely off stress, turning it into a cycle. I believe stress can contribute but I don't subscribe to stress exclusive conditions.

What I'm Doing To Correct This

Scrounging through a treasure trove of information known as the internet, (not to mention this juicy forum haha), I've come across stuff like Bee's Natural Healing and the whole candida thing, which I've taken on board but again I'm not convinced I have candida or whatever. I had a shit diet as a teenager (at one point was going through a Coke bottle a day, used to eat half a loaf of bread a day, you know truly deplorable behaviour lol) and yet it was not 1/2 as bad as what it is now. It did however slowly progress and regress to where it is now. It was getting fairly bad towards the end of last year where I spent a month in France e.g dry winter. I came back and Summer improved it a fair bit although it still had its moments despite all the sun exposure I got. We're in late Autumn now here in Australia. The days are fairly dry and the sun is hit and miss.

In this last week its gone from barely manageable to just awful. T-zone and skin near the right hand side of my nose has just exploded into full inflammation. Coincidentally, last sunday I started dosing a bunch of Vit's after reading about how a host of deficiencies in those can cause seb dem. It was basically everything on Bee's list:

Vit A (Although I've cut this after reading Cillakat's stuff on A to D ratios, looks like I get enough from diet as it is), B Complex & Niacin (Also removed for time being aka lots of yellow on toilet visits...), C (ascorbic acid), Probiotics (been through the loading phase and I'm empty and its damn expensive so now I'm using NOW Gr8-Dophilus), Vit D3, Vit E, Digestive Enzymes, Udo's Choice Oil Blend, Himalayan Salt for trace minerals.

and finally :

Betaine HCL (have stopped this, 1 Capsule gives me diarrhea. Why is this? Does this mean my stomach acid levels are just fine? I dosed it because there is a strong correlation with Eczema & low HCL).

About 1.5 weeks ago into went into total remission and I thought it was finally going. Take a look at this:

to this:
Today (7/5/11): I put Vitamin E on it for 2 days, not sure if this had anything to do with it going super red. I've stopped putting it on. The webcam is nice. The 'flash' on it makes it look a bit better than it is. Can't quite see all the red on the lower side but this'll have to do.

I know it sounds wussy but its heartbreaking to go from the first picture to the second in a week when you thought you finally had it under control.

Anyway, I was SO excited but that didn't last too long and its back worse than ever. A short duration of time before that it had gone quite bad and i brought it down with the big naughty naughty aka hydrocortisone cream for 3 days and then I think I started popping 10g worth of EPO because of the GLA along with upping my dose of shitty 180/120 fish tabs to about 5 a day.. or was it 10. Regardless, it calmed the hell down and I'm not entirely sure if either of them had anything to do with this or it was like some bizarre extension of the steroid that I've never seen before. Should I just drop the EPO? (The theory being a big dose of EPO helps those who can't metabolise fats properly or something... linked to eczema.) Anyway I dropped both shortly after & was using Udo's Choice Blend on and off. Been very lazy about this though, haven't had any in a few days.

I'm pretty sure I got it around puberty or as I was going through it... crazy hormones run in the family. My mother had horrible acne as a teenager and my sister is a teen and is currently suffering with acne too (though shes on accutane which has helped a good deal I believe, as bad as it is). Historically, acne has been pretty rare for me and I've only had the odd pimple here and there so again, I'm not 100% on that theory.

I've been dosing 15,000 IU of Vit D for about 2 weeks now along with 88mg of elemental zinc for 1 week. Both high doses but I chose my doses because:

Don't get alot of sunlight, 3 days working and 2 days of uni (middle of the day) doesn't leave alot of time to soak up the real stuff. I didn't get a whole lot in school either and have had a shit immune system for ages (took week courses of anti biotics for sinus infections pretty much once a school term). Was always tired at school which wasn't just a lack of sleep. I am bumping this down to 10,000 though. It was on 15,000 just to raise it faster. I don't get sinus stuff that much anymore, but my nose is always blocked to some extent and frequently have the sniffles / runny nose and always feel dead at the end of the day but can't always get to sleep that easily. Mind magically turns on once I hop into bed. I don't consider my self to have ever been super sick and plagued with malady after malady or anything. I still managed to live an active life at high school, keeping my grades up, doing athletics, soccer and tennis over the course of the year and partying on the weekends. It was more a state of being generally run down more than one should be.

I've done a zinc liquid test in my mouth. It starts out not very strong taste at all... maybe not even there, but quickly enough I get a mild taste of I don't know what. If I swish it around and stuff it feels all metallically / furry / weird on my teeth and stuff. If it goes on the left and right hand back corners of my tongue its a stronger taste (and also if i swallow it). I've done my best to interpret this on my own and think I am deficient. Given the way I have eaten in the past 1.5 years I am surprised at the very least. (Typically a good amount of meat, almost always beef, mince is very handy for a student trying to bulk ) I was going through 2.5 pounds of beef at one point to get excess calories due to super duper metabolism. As I understand it beef has a strong amount of zinc.