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Thread: Ladies, what is your fitness routine?

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    Ladies, what is your fitness routine?

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    What does your workout (and play) schedule look like in a typical week? What is your age, and what are your goals? How has it changed from what you were doing before (if anything)? And has it changed the longer you do Primal?

    Sorry fellas, but I'm only interested in hearing from the ladies, not because I think women have different fitness needs or anything, but just because I'm curious as to what other women are doing for their workouts.

    As for me -
    I'm 22
    I want to lose fat and have more muscle definition; I want to build strength, especially in my upper body, and be able to do a pull-up and a real push-up; and I want to build stamina so that I can be a better dancer

    A typical week's workout/play routine looks like:
    • vinyasa yoga class 1-2x a week
    • sprint 1x a week, but more like once every week and a half
    • walking for ~45 mins 1-2x a week (I want to make it every day though)
    • some kind of resistance training 1-2x a week; I've been switching it around a lot, from PBF to p90x even to denise austin's pilates video; and yoga class actually provides some bodyweight work
    • and there was a period of time when I had dance practice for 2+ hours a day 4x a week, but thankfully that's over, and right now I don't have structured dance practices but I try to do some routines every day (very brief, but intense)

    I used to go to the gym to use the elliptical and isolation machines, but I never built muscle or lost weight, only hurt my foot. I've always danced but since going primal and losing weight I feel like my co-ordination, energy, and stamina have improved. I get more excited about doing outdoorsy things now, and there are soooo many things I want to try: rock climbing, olympic lifting, barefoot hiking, etc.
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    Tucson, Arizona
    48 yrs old, former personal trainer (now life coach)

    I intend to reach or exceed my level of fitness when I was a personal trainer in my top shape (at age 36.) Getting there!
    I used to do chronic cardio and a split set of free weights/machines 6 x /week. 1.5 hours at the gym /day.
    Since starting Primal, I was doing the whole PB Fitness workout 2 x/week and I have recently split it into upper body 1x/wk and lower body/core 1x/wk. Still good results.

    Weekly Movement
    • 1-2 hours daily walking with my dog on the beach or in the woods
    • Two 20-30 min LHT sessions using PB Fitness progression, plus some additional weight work
    • One+ hour free-style barefoot dancing, including dance "sprints"

    Plus random gardening, housecleaning, doggie tug-'o-war etc...

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    I'm 37... this is my average week:

    1X vinyasa class
    3X yoga (1 intermediate, 1 beginner, 1 multi level)
    1X LHT at the Y (I do some variation of each of the 5 essential PBF movements - sometimes with weights, sometimes body weight stuff)
    1X sprint workout (8 min - 30 second sprint/30 second rest, either on the rowing machine or stationary bike)

    I walk my kids to and from school and try to fit in another hour or so of walking per week, now that the weather is warmer - I'm hoping to do some hiking soon. I also garden & play with my kids for other LLC. The LLC is never truly intentional - but I always manage to log a good 3 or 4 hours/week.
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    46 years old
    I want to lose body fat. I`m not too bad now but I hate having jiggly stuff on me lol. Lean muscle definition and strength. Like you I want to be able to do pull-ups and real push-ups.

    I`ve been a gym rat on and off for most of my life.
    P90X 5-6 days a week
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    I'm 40 ... my goals are fat loss, greater strength & flexibility, greater endurance, improved energy and mood, and general bad-assery. I like adventure and I don't like to look at things and think "I can't do that because I'm not in good enough shape." So I want to continue to improve so that most things are within my reach.

    I try to walk to do errands as much as possible - that adds up to a couple miles a few times a week (I chose to live in a neighborhood that makes this very possible - 90% of what I need to do on a regular basis is within walking distance).

    Doing a relatively intense workout has become like morning crack for me - my energy & mood for the day is noticeably better on the days I work out in the morning than it is on the days that I don't, so I wind up working out 4 to 6 days a week, typically because I want/need that energy boost.

    I have memberships at two different studios and will do a class at either depending on my mood. One has a boot camp class (kettlebells, dumbbells, core work, body weight exercises, running, jumping, flipping big-ass tires, rope pulls, etc), the other has a class called monkey conditioning (hard to describe, but it's a super-fun combo of crawling, jumping, tumbling, climbing, swinging - basically a lot of really challenging play!).

    I'm also sort of half-assing the Couch-to-5K program (slowly) in amongst all of that but I find that I'd much rather go to a class than run/walk (I'm very much not an enthusiastic runner, but I did set the "run a 5K" goal so one of these days I'll get through it.

    My workouts have changed recently because I did enough time with my trainer (same place that does the boot camps) 1:1 that I was ready to do group classes (which are much easier on the budget - I can do a lot more for less money), and I also rehabbed from an injury from last fall. The timing was great because right about when I was done rehabbing, the place that offers the monkey conditioning classes started offering early morning classes so they finally fit into my schedule.

    I find that I'm really getting into the group exercise concept - it's social, it's got that group motivation/accountability thing going on, and it's just easier to motivate in a group than it is to motivate just me. It's a lot easier to quit on my own than it is when I'm trying to keep up with the group.
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    I'm 28. Been primal for six weeks. Prior to that I was doing chronic cardio - 3x per week hour-long step classes at the gym at the end of which I'd be sweating buckets. No resistance training at all. I always thought "let me lose the weight with cardio first, then I'll start hitting the weights to tone up". Of course the weight loss never happened even though I was also on a calorie-restricted "healthy" CW diet.

    Ever since I switched to primal, I've been walking tons. It helps that the weather is getting much better. On my way home from work, I'll walk to a further subway stop rather than going to the one closest to my office - about a 40 minute walk. Mind you I walk slowly since I tore my ACL a few months ago and had surgery in March. The leg is still not 100% so I try to find exercises that don't tax it too much.

    Another thing I'm doing is being more active around the house. Before primal, I'd come home from work, eat, then collapse on the couch to surf the net, watch tv etc. Now whenever I've been sitting for more than 30 minutes, I force myself to get up and either do some work around the house OR I do a random pilates/yoga/dance workout from my on-demand tv's fitness section. Speaking of, if you have on-demand TV definitely check this out! Some of the work outs are cheesy but at least they get you moving and you can do them right in your living room

    Twice a week, I do the PBF exercises. Squats, push-ups, plank and overhead press. It's very encouraging to see progress on these. I need to get a pull-up bar so that I can incorporate those as well.

    Because of the knee I haven't been sprinting at all. In fact I won't be cleared to run for another two months probably. So instead I got myself a bike trainer stand which converts a regular bike to a stationary bike. Starting this weekend I'm going to try doing Tabata sprints on that!

    My goals are weight loss and increase in upper body strength in particular. I want toned arms and I want to be able to knock out plenty of push-ups and pull-ups!

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    I am 46 and looking at getting stronger and having better wind. I am usually doing 30 min at least of walking or biking every day, I am doing the PBF LHT workout (still at a very low level, but I am plugging away at it), and I am sprinting (stair sprint, tabatas, whatever) once a week or week and a half. I am taking it slow on purpose, because since my background of illness and autoimmune issues, I seem to get overwhelmed if I push myself too much, which sucks, because when I get to the gym I really feel like pushing myself. I have noticed a decent amount of muscle definition, even though this is still early going for me (perhaps 2 months, less doing PBF routine).

    I like the PBF - it is very doable no matter what shape you are in and gives me a good sense of my slow improvement.

    At this point I am near or at the weight I would like to be (BMI of 20-21) so the big thing is just to get the fitness picture in where I want it to be.

    My biggest challenge is to get 30 min of low level cardio (move slowly) in.

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    I'm 28. My goals are to continue getting stronger and leaner, and to increase my speed in the 5k and 10k. Since going primal, it's become much more important to me to have fun when I'm working out. So, I basically listen to my body, push myself hard, and do what I feel like doing. I actually work out a lot more now, just because it's much less stressful for me than following a set routine. I'm in much better shape than I've ever been.

    Walking: Monday - Friday, I walk for at least 50 minutes a day (3.3 miles for me). I live in the city, and it's my commute. On Saturday and Sunday I'll typically walk for around 30 minutes a day to get around, though sometimes more and sometimes less.

    Bodyweight Exercises: 2 - 3 times a week for 20 - 40 minutes. I like to shake things up. Sometimes I do circuits. Sometimes I go for reps. Sometimes I go for difficulty. Sometimes I do plyometric stuff. I'm still working on my first pullup, but I'm thrilled to say that I can now do real pushups, for the first time in my life.

    Running: 2 times a week for 25 - 60 minutes. Sometimes I do HIIT. Sometimes I go for speed. Sometimes I go for distance. Sometimes I run through college campuses, parks, or cemeteries over benches and low walls to work on jumping, balance, and rhythm; and to give my legs a break from all the concrete and asphalt.

    I'd like to play more outdoor games, in particular badminton and capture the flag. I also used to hike a lot more before I moved to Philly, and would like to find some good nearby destinations to get back into that. I need to sprint more too.
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    My wifes week looks like this and post 2kids she's ripped...

    Strength train
    Hill sprints
    Vinyasa power yoga
    3 mile run

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    I'm 36, I want to lose 68 lbs and be STRONG! I have never been consistent with working out, but I have done Insanity, lots of treadmill and elliptical workouts. Now i am going into week 5 of couch25k and I usually get one more day of walking. I want to start building muscle. I need to do the PB, I just have to find some comfort with it. I've been primal for 6 weeks and lost 14 lbs so far. I want to be ripped so when I hit 160, it's all there. P.S. The # is a guidepost. I'm not hooked on it, it's just where I felt best in the past. I want to look good and feel FANTASTIC. I want the energy of a teenager!

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