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Thread: Jicama fries a total win!

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    Jicama fries a total win!

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    I tried this for the first time - matchstick jicama fries, fried in bacon fat and macadamia nut oil. Turned out fantastic. After reading several recipes, I first cut the jicama into matchsticks, then drained and pressed the excess water out of it with paper towels.

    Got the oil hot and added the sticks. They take a lot longer than potatoes to fry up so You have to patiently stand by and occasionally stir them around with tongs. They also do not brown well due to the water content. So I had to eyeball an approximate ideal time to take them out.

    Took them out, drained on paper towel, sprinkled with garlic salt and cayenne and served immediately. Husband was all wide-eyed, "what is this, nom, nom" - they were delicious.

    I love fried food. Eggplant circles also fry up nicely. Plantains are next up.

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    Sounds pretty good to try! How was the texture? did they get crispy on the outside? soft and smooth inside or retain some snap?
    I have a huge dehydrator at home so I may dry the matchsticks for a bit before frying.
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    I've been wanting to try this; matichstick size makes sense for that crispy texture I love. I also wonder about doing same with diakon--have you tried that?
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    I read that matchsticks were the preferred size because of the difficulty in browning and the water. They were not crispy except for the thinnest ones. But they were nice and chewy (al dente!), and somewhat sweet. The chewiness was reminiscent of (dare I say!) McDonalds fries!

    Drying them a bit would probably be good. I haven't tried daikon, turnips or rutabagas. I'll need to do more experiments on my husband...

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    I've done breakfast "potatoes" with jicama: fabulous. I'll need to try matchstick.
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    So you deep-fried, not shallow-fried, correct? What temperature was the oil?

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    I did a smallish batch - half a jicama worth, enough oil to cover. I don't know the temp, I throw in one piece to test the heat. The combo bacon drippings and mac nut oil held up well for deep frying.

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