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Thread: Refrigerator Life of Fresh Grass Fed Beef?

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    Refrigerator Life of Fresh Grass Fed Beef?

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    Went to the farmers market last weekend and a couple of our local beef suppliers were there. The stuff I bought was frozen solid, and I put it all into the fridge when i got home. Considering it takes a couple days to defrost in the fridge, how long do you think it's good for? I know that when i buy regular beef from the chain supermarkets, it has a sell-by/freeze-by date of only a couple days. Is there a way to know if it's getting questionable?

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    I make sure I cook it within a few days. Then, once it's cooked, it's good for a few more days.

    What I do is cook it all at once, then divvy it up into smaller packs and freeze what I don't plan to use in the next few days.

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