After a few months of going it alone, and seeing interesting progress, here is my attempt to stay accountable, and get some encouragement!

I'm 5'11" 24 year old female
Currently: 165 pounds- I'm athletic so its proportional and looks good, but I'd still like to slim down for the summer. No crash dieting! I want a way to reach my goal that is healthy and long term.
Goal: 140 lbs, or be perfectly comfortable in the size 6 J Crew shorts I bought last year

Activity level- Horse riding 5 days a week (1-3 hours around the barn), lift 2x week (one day arms, one day legs), low level cardio 3 hrs, shorter sprints and runs when I feel like it (1-2 days week)

I used to be a vegan, and run the classic 5k+ most days, and was smaller but didn't look as toned, more cellulite and lost my ab definition. I experimented with Atkins but gained weight, and Primal has helped me slim back down (I was up to 175 from 155!) so am very careful about the kinds of fats I eat now. I miss fitting in my smaller clothes though, I want to slim down on Primal!

Today's Food:

B: 2 eggs with 1/2 cup mushrooms, chard, 2 slices bacon

1.5 hr. at barn

Endive/Raddichio salad w/ 1 Mac Oil/mustard/vinegar dressing
6 oz salmon
1/2 cup chard and 1/2 cup asparagus in 1 olive oil

2 drumsticks Whole Foods rotisserie chicken (just herbs)
1 cup asparagus w/ 1 olive oil
3 cups salad mix w/1 mac oil

Thoughts? Advice? Suggestions?