As I've mentioned before, I've been doing Convict Conditioning for a while now. I've been trying to focus on doing one of the "Big Six" exercises per day with Sunday being my rest day. I usually just do one set until failure, rarely I'll try a second set. Lately I've wanted to add a little intensity to my workouts, but I still want to keep it bodyweight only so I can do them when I'm away from home. Here is the new routine I've come up with:

Monday (shoulders/legs)
handstand pushups, pistols, shoulder circles, calf raises

Wednesday (back/biceps)
chinups, bridges, pullups, supermans

Friday (chest/abs)
one arm pushups, hanging leg raises, deep pushups, crunches

I use one of those iron gym door pullup bars for the pulls and chins, and flip it on the ground for the deep pushups. I know that I had biceps but not triceps in there, but I figure with all the pushup variations my tris will get hit well enough. I do each exercise to failure then move on to the next, and when I get to the last exercise I start over with a second set. So far I haven't made it to a third set .

The intensity level of my workouts has dramatically increased, and I'm still using all the "Big Six" exercises, but I don't want to leave out any great exercises that I "should" be doing. I'm hoping some BW fanboys and experts like Al K. can chime in let me know of any way I can boost the effectiveness of my workout.