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Thread: Trader Joe's List

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthFriendly View Post
    Moar like TRAITOR Joe's, amirite?

    Bastard puts soy bean oil in everthing.
    I have a friend whose daughter has a life threatening soy allergy, and TJs in her favourite store.
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    Wine, nuts, almond and sunflower butter,tuna, hand cream, olive oil....but yeah. most of the stuff I get there is perishable!
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    "We have all the food groups- meat and chocolate".

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    TJ dry roasted pecan pieces--I love these and use them in lots of recipes; in a cooler your could get their terrific cheeses-- the blueberry vanilla chevre is incredible. I seem to buy mostly nuts, frozen meat, fish, berries, and fresh produce.
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    my kids freak out over their dried bananas. They're sliced thin lengthwise and the label says 'just bananas, flattened,' or something like that. It's like candy for them. The packs are about a buck fifty each, and I get about six or seven at a time.

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    Tuna in green curry or tuna in red panang sauce - it's sealed in a bag and packaged in a box. Okay, it has a tiny bit of sugar in it but it's sooooo good. Tastes just like Thai restaurant food and takes 30 seconds to heat up in the microwave. And is less than 2 bucks each. Of course, my kids wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole but that just means more for me!

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    I wonder if artichokes would last to Austin in a cooler. They're on special this week at TJs for $1/each. I've been paying $3. I love them, though.

    They have a non-EV olive oil which I like for cooking. It's the only place I can find regular old olive oil.

    Most of the stuff I like there is perishable, though.

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    Blue Diamond Unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk (32oz non-perishable box)
    marinated mushrooms
    jalapeno stuffed olives (to die for with goat cheese)
    almond flour
    sun-dried tomatoes
    pound-plus dark chocolate (rumored to be Callebaut under their private label)
    curry simmer sauce
    chicken broth (32oz non-perishable box)
    unsweetened dark cherries dried (no sulfur and fabulous)
    Bobs Red ground flax seed meal
    blueberry flax seed meal
    salsa verde (jar)
    whole grain dijon mustard
    spanish olive oil (just won a Yahoo Shopping best taste test)
    grapeseed oil
    organic raw honey
    lemon pepper seasoning with grinder

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    Yeah, nuts. Two buck chuck wine. I buy pastured cheese there. Not much else anymore. i don't like their coffees.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemonized View Post
    Two Buck Chuck. I've heard a lot about it and I'm curious.
    I think 2 Buck Chuck is Swill...but many of their $5-7 wines are pretty decent.

    Nicaraguan coffee, Dark Belgian chocolate covered almonds, chocolate covered espresso beans.

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    Seconding the Bay Blend coffee--my absolute favorite. They have pretty inexpensive canned coconut milk. Salted almond butter, which I can't find anywhere else--I can always find unsalted, but the salted is delicious. Two Buck Chuck Shiraz and Cabernet go really well when mixed 50-50 with their fruit-flavored sparkling water (calorie-free)--we call it "ghetto sangria" and it is our go-to summer alcoholic beverage.

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