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    Hello! I'm A little frustrated with my thyroid, but love PB!

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    Hi everyone. I'm so happy I found the Primal Blueprint lifestyle!

    I'm a former food/sugar/carb addict with Hashimotos disease (diagnosed in my teens- its not suppose to hit until 30ish! FML!), i've struggled with my weight since I was young. Once Hashimotos hit, I struggled with constant fatigue/exhaustion/blood sugar problems as well. I struggled with compulsive eating/binge eating from 15 years of age (I was an emotional eater prior to that) until this past spring.

    I went on a odyssey this past summer/fall/winter in an effort to solve my eating disorders. I was just SOOOO done with struggling with my food issues. Anyways- I spent 8 months just eating whatever the hell I wanted- good and bad food, indulging my cravings. I ate waffles EVERYDAY for breakfast covered in syrup with chocolate chopped in, dessert constantly. Basically, I ate the opposite of what I believe is healthy (I'm a anti grain anti sugar Weston Pricer). Predictably, I gained 30 pounds, which I know is because i ate over 300 grams of carbs a day plus I was overeating regularly past fullness- but not binging- due to my lack of hunger/fullness cues understanding. I gained about 5 pounds a month. I was really overindulging though, tons of sugar. BUT, I cured my eating disorder, so it was all worth it. Im not sure when/how exactly it happened, im just not all about food anymore. I forget to eat sometimes now, food isn't a big deal to me anymore, I rarely struggle not to eat something, even my favorite foods. Its been miraculous to me! Prior to this odyssey I was 5'5 130 and struggling to stay in shape by exercising numerous hours a day through hiking and white knuckling it. I would regularly overeat and binge, and I would use hiking as a means to binge without losing weight- as in I would hike only because I wanted to eat junk food. Anyways, this is why im seeking out primal blueprint, to lose some of the excess weight.

    So I found Primal Blueprint in my effort to fall into a healthier lifestyle plan that would allow me to gently lose weight and be healthy/feel better. I have seen improvements, I'm not struggling at all on the plan and don't really miss the junk food, I rarely relapse and follow a 90/10 sort of rule with ease.
    Sadly, I haven't lose much weight. I'm blaming my Hashimotos. I don't exceed 1400-1600 calories on most days. Some days im nearer to 1600-2000, but its all fat and protein and veggie calories- mostly fat. I do eat full fat yogurt with stevia, and some dark chocolate, but thats it as far as 'why I wouldn't lose weight foods'. I eat about 2 tablespoons of almond butter every other day, I dont down spoonful after spoonful, nor do I want to. Its sort of depressing to radically change my eating habits and still be chubby. I'm a skinny 5'5 160 right now, but I look about 140 (I have muscular legs, My upper body is thin, my arms have a bit of fat on them but they are small). I've always looked thinner then I am which is a blessing, but my legs are just fatty and sausagey and look like garbage, I would never wear anything but pants at this weight.
    Anyways, I'm continuing on with PB because I believe its a great nutritional program. I basically have been indulging slightly more lately in dark chocolate and nut butters due to becoming despondent over lack of weight loss, when I say indulge, I mean an extra small square or 2 a day, and a full fat fage for lunch everyday (thats all I eat, with almond butter mixed in). I rarely eat a large portion of such fattening things in one sitting, I cant anymore nor do I want to. Im not going to IF or starve myself or cut out this that and everything else. I have thyroid disease and im not going to live in nutritional/dietary hell to lose weight. If I IF'd, id probably pass the hell out of exhaustion and dizziness, I have tons of hypoglycemia symptoms I can't not eat for 17 hours. Like, coming out of an eating disorder, I would never consciously force myself not to eat a meal like that to lose weight, its just an appalling notion to me. Idk, thats the one thing I dislike about this program, I prefer waiting until im hungry rather then eating meals regularly and then forcing myself to skip 2.

    Anyways, thats my story. I hope to see results with this plan eventually... I'm getting my thyroid levels checked soon and hopefully my meds upped, I know I must be low thyroid due to symptoms. I haven't had a blood test in over a year (no insurance...).
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    Lots of people here say that dairy can stall weight loss. You could try giving up the fage for a week - have a green salad with olive oil dressing and a 4-6 oz serving of protein for lunch. See what happens
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    Yea, I'm thinking I might give up my daily fage .
    I was very depressed to step on the scale just now and see the EXACT same number after a month. Actually- its up 2 pounds but I know thats because I drank a lot of water in the last hour and ate a small meal.
    I doubt dairy alone could be doing this- causing me to lose NO weight. I've eaten a shittier diet and lost weight before- as in higher carb and high calorie. Im not eating low calorie now- 1400 ish. But I will give up the dairy for a while starting tomorrow. Initially, my diet was angelic- no dairy- and i still didnt lose weight! This sucks! im 23 for god sakes, it should be easier.
    Today, I'm eating whatever I want, not binging, but not refraining from cravings of non primal stuff. Because I'm really frustrated and craving milk chocolate (pms), and sweets. I can't see myself AVOIDING everything non-primal I love long term if I don't lose weight on this diet. Like, I'd probably avoid most carby junk things im not that fond of that I casually ate on a regular basis, but still eat things I do love like milk chocolate, sweet potatoes, beets, yogurt. I'm so frustrated!!! I'll see, I like the idea of the diet, but I don't think I can be as strict if I still remain as chubby as I am. I can be less strict and probably still feel better and still stay the same weight as I don't really gain past this current weight.

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