Well, I have been on here a while now, lost 10 lbs and got really educated, but I decided it was time to actually get a little accountable and start a journal. That and nutritiondata only tracks one day at a time. This way I can look back and see if I think I might need a tweak.

A little bit about me:
I am a 46 year old stay at home mom of a 5 and 7 year old. We are a blended family with 4 other adult kids from 22-31 who are on their own now. I started staying at home due to health issues that forced me from work, and am staying at home now because I can and I am enjoying my kids and trying to have the balance in my life I found so hard to get when I was working. Part of my job at this time of my life is to work on me.

Background (as at mid March 2011):
I have had a lot of health issues the last 5 years or so particularly. Hypothyroidism, food intolerances, bile reflux disease, and then some anxiety and depression. Prior to PB, the BRD was fairly well under control, but I was still taking an acid reducer so that I wouldn't develop gastritis, and cytomel for my thyroid issues.
Starting weight maybe 140-143, at 5'7"
Just starting to get into exercising - in terrible shape, but slowly doing cardio and weights.

After 7 weeks, I am down to low 130s in weight, and exercising more regularly. I am doing 30 min low level cardio a day, and generally working out twice a week, doing the PBF, and I do sorta-sprints once a week or so.

Oh gosh - now that I have written this down, I gotta keep it up!

PB has so far truly been an answer to prayer for me. I have great energy and a better outlook on life. My fairly constant migraines are a thing of the past (Thank you Jesus!). I am enjoying my kids more, and I have greater endurance even when I am tired.

Today's exercise:
Just 30 min on the bike, and probably a walk to school in a few hours to get the kids.

Food so far:
1 huge mug of tea with HWC
1 egg, 1 bacon, half can salmon warmed up with last night's swiss chard and carrots in coconut milk
Ground beef with peas and gai lan
Dinner is going to be pork shoulder with sweet potato and greens (brown rice included for the nonprimalists in the family, which would be everyone but me).