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Thread: What do you miss on PB ?

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    What do you miss on PB ?

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    Please don't get me wrong, I love PB and it has revolutionised my health in a way that at my age ( early 60's) I would never in my wildest dreams have thought possible.

    Still - I do miss some eating pleasures from my PB days. I loved bread for instance - where I live we have a huge variety of all kinds of "real" breads, almost a meal in themselves in their complexity. And then fresh hot toast - what a smell, running with melted butter ( at least that was Ok ! ), ready for a dose of one of my favourite marmalades ( not too Ok ). And don't get me started on garlic bread - that pungent aroma tickling the taste buds into life ready for a bowl of pasta al la vongole ( Oops ! ).

    Anyone else miss favourites on PB ?

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    There are times when I miss biting into a good burger, bun and all.

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    Nachos and salsa... mmmmm nachos.

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    sprinkle donuts from Krispy Kreme. Of course, sometimes I still have one...or a half dozen
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    Oddly not much.
    If you want french toast, try making the banana fritters. Little butter and fruit. yummy
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    Mounds of mashed potatoes and homemade pools of gravy. We are talking gallon of potatoes eaten until gone, nothing else.

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    I miss the migraines I used to have daily.

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    Up until now I was getting over it all; bread just kinda dries my mouth, cereal tastes like cardboard(I'm looking at you, Special K), and I can deal with the smell of pasta without drooling xD... But you just HAD to remind me of garlic bread though didn't you? Oh... the fluffy garlicness... D'=
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    Quote Originally Posted by jkc View Post
    i miss the migraines i used to have daily.


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    Homemade yeast rolls, homemade English muffins, homemade flour tortillas toasted on the gas stove burner and schmeared with strawberry preserves and butter (my MIL makes the best tortilla I've ever had), homemade (garlic) naan, homemade garlic knots, and poor man's rice pudding. I still haven't found an acceptable substitute for the rice on the rice pudding (cauli doesn't play well there), and I occasionally indulge in the rest. Since I have to make anything I miss (except the tortillas), it's easier to avoid it.
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