I found a dead easy recipe for a mousse and adapted it to be a ice cream like thing. Dairy free, paleo (if you consider chocolate chips paleo), nut free, coconut free... Free of everything except chocolate and egg yolk.

Chocolate Frozen Goodness
6 oz (by weight) chocolate chunks/ chips (this is your flavor, don't skimp here)
1/4 c lukewarm water
2 egg yolks

Pour the chocolate into the water and allow it to start to soften/ melt. Meanwhile, briskly whisk egg yolks in a double boiler setup until ribbon- like. Pull the yolks off the heat and dump the chocolate- water mixture into the yolks. Once thoroughly combined, place back on the double boiler and whisk together until smooth and chocolate is thoroughly melted. Set this bowl on top of a bowl of ice water (you want the bottom of the chocolate bowl touching the ice water but not loose enough to splash the water into the chocolate bowl.) Apply your beater/ electric whisk and whisk the chocolate until it has the texture of whipped cream (beaters leave defined tracks that don't fill in.) Eat now as a mousse, or cover and freeze for an hour or more and have the ice cream like goodness.
Yield: 2 c ice mousse