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Thread: teeth grinding

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    Quote Originally Posted by strom View Post
    have to go to pa for it. Not sure if my insurance will cover it, since it doesn't cover routine dental we have to pay for that. AFraid to know how much that costs. Probably at least 500. MOre likely 1000-2000 knowing how dentist like to overcharge.
    I know that regular dental insurance covers a little of it (just like braces) and I believe the cost is around 2K. Here's a blogger who recently started using one (I'll be curious to see his updates): Health Matters To Me: February 2011

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    I know it's an old topic but a lot of new studies have been done in the past two years on bruxism. And I think it's worth mentioning them here.

    Stress is a factor causing sleep bruxism, but if you are suffering from sleep bruxism on a consistent basic (aka every night) for a long time, you may want to look for other causes. For example, if you wake up often during the night, or if you change position often without realizing it, your bruxism could be caused by a respiratory sleep disorder. The drop in oxygen wakes the nervous system, which increases the pulse and blood pressure and then activates the jaw muscles. All of this is of course outside your awareness.

    It's only a guess, but someone mentioned in this thread that eating primal for a few months stopped their teeth grinding at night. It could well be it was not directly the primal diet that got rid of the bruxism, but losing a few pounds could have made breathing easier at night. Some people stop having sleep apnea, for example, when they lose weight. But obviously, this is only a guess since skinny people can also suffer from sleep apnea or upper airway resistance syndrome. If you suffer from bruxism, I found this website quite helpful: Your Teeth Grinding Support Group |

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