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Thread: So you think you can Primal? May 30 day challenge

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    May 2011

    Glad to have others challenging themselves for may as well!

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    I already posted my own thirty day challenge, but after seeing this communal one, I thought I'd make my goals known here too.

    No Grains whatsoever
    No other starches; potatoes, sweet potatoes
    No dairy
    Limit fruit and nut intake--
    -- meaning I'll be eating mostly Big Salads and Lean Meats.

    No cheating. None. Don't do it. Hey, maybe I'll be 10 pounds lighter by the end.

    Seriously impressed with all you primal warriors,


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    Hi Sageous -

    Lean meats? Won't you be hungry?

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    Wow I've found it, better late the never ;-)
    Primal Goals
    1/ Lose 5lbs
    2/ No grains and that means you to corn!
    3/ No sugar, throw it out don't put it in the mouth.
    4/ Less fruit. I have been 80% fruitarian this year and it's way too much.
    5/ More seafood less red meat.
    6/ No added salt. Embrace the natural flavours.
    7/ IF 16-24 hours per day. Even if it's just skipping breakfast it's something.
    8/ More water less diet coke. DC is just nasty and I know it.
    9/ Walking more sitting less.
    10/ Forgive the past, embrace the now. Don't live in the future.

    Awesome to be part of this group. Good luck everyone.

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    jeju island, south korea
    HAHAHA We were wondering where the you were Mystic

    WOOOOOO THIS IS SO DAMN COOL!!! How spantastic is this?!?!?!?! I love the fact that we (a group of strangers) are willing to be so supportive of each other!! I personally know that having you guys watching my back will def give me that extra little boost when I'm eye balling those DAMN almonds (and THNAK GAWD Im not the only one with the nut issue) or waking up and going "REALLY?!?! Do I REALLY have to go to the gym?!?!"
    I find sometimes its hard with my friends and family because most of them are CW peeps and I love them but I get tired of explaining myself and the "looks" guys know those right? The "uh huh, whatever...You're so messed up with piece of cake won't kill you.." No, I just don't want to put into my body but I'm not stopping you so why is this a big deal? You eat the cake and I'm going to make friends with Mr. Juicy Steak over here. hehehe
    I was thinking though and what are your guys thoughts...I know that saturated fat is good and I'm not against it but I was comparing the amount of food that I can pack back to Mark's average day and ummmmmmm I kick his ass food amount wise and I think I should prob be eating less than him? Also like some of you I want to increase my protein with out overloading on fat so I was thinking chicken boobies but cook them in lots of coconut oil? I just wonder because from reading through the forum I've noticed that the people that seem to have the most success with LOADS and LOADS of fat are either people who were heavy into carbs prior (not me) or men? If I'm wrong tell me I won't bite your head off .....Belinda I checked out Paleobird's thread and I think she may be onto something?
    Anyhooooo once and We CAN do this!!!! Remember even though we are trying to do this for 30 days, take it one day at a time, one meal at a time. If you fall off don't beat yourself up and don't hide from us just get on here, tell us what happened and we can help you be more prepared the next time This is a life change and it's not always going to be easy (where's the fun in that?) but you're not doing it alone! Every mistake is a lesson to be learned.
    Oh and I was on the whole9 site and found this. I hope it might be helpful when it comes to my ALMONDS addiction. See if it helps you too... alright time to go move slowly...GOOD LUCK TODAY!!!!

    "I do not have to build a perfect wall today. I just have to lay a perfect brick. Just lay one brick, dude." Will Smith

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    Okay, I want to join! This is my second month, so I'm ready to get a little stricter now that I seem to have made it through my carb flu. I'm starting today, since I had ice cream last night, which ended up being surprisingly gross. And now I know that won't be a temptation at all this month!

    For the next 30 days:
    1. No diet soda
    2. No nuts
    3. Limit fruit to berries
    4. Limit dairy to HWC, grass-fed butter/ghee, and very occasionally cheese
    5. IF a minimum of 20 hours twice (later in the 30 days, I'm still working up to that )
    6. Walk, walk, walk, every single day, always outside so I can get my vitamin D
    7. LHT twice a week
    My Primal Journal with lots of food pr0n

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    Im reading everyones goals for the month, and Im feeling like an wimp. I feel like if I try to make too many changes I wont make it, but maybe Im making it too easy. Hmmmm.....well, I guess I can add new goals as I go. And actually, for me, if I do just stay away from my personal kryptonite, which is sugar, then that will be quite an accomplishment.....for me...

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    Hi!! So just a thought...

    I never count calories/carbs or really anything but have decided to do it for maybe a week or two to see how I fit into the Carb curve that Mark has.... I thought for SURE that I went way over in carbs today but when I put it into fitday, this is what I got.

    Cals: 1009
    Fat (g): 68.2
    Carbs (g): 47.9
    Prot (g): 55.4

    I'm SUPER full, and I mean SUPER. How does this look? I'm not even sure what the numbers (besides carbs) are supposed to look like.

    I'm not cutting out nuts, I rarely eat them because they are so dang expensive and I haven't been doing nut butters lately because they make me gag for some reason. Should I be cutting out nuts? Is it strictly for weight loss? Because I'm getting married in 33 days and REALLY want to lose lose lose before then!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metismomma View Post
    I'm game. No, really! I am!
    No whole30 cop-out this time. Seriously! For real.

    Ok, I am starting tomorrow since I had the same thought today. Decided I would consider this a cheat day and treat it as such. I now feel...not well.

    1) no coffee
    2)no dairy(no grains is a given, but I will make sure I don't have any), no nuts and no fruit.
    3) no scale.
    4) ditto the less computer time. I don't watch that much tv, but I do waste a ton of time on the computer.
    5)If I walked more, my legs would fall off. So, I'm adding sprints instead. 2x a week
    6) LHT, bodyweight style 3x a week.
    7)PLAY! We got a frisbee, will be put to good use. Going to get a volleyball too, since I love volleyball.
    8) be consistent with my supplements.
    9) No sugar or chocolate. This one is hard for me. The hardest of all I think. I eat way too much chocolate and candy at work.
    10) get enough sleep
    All in all, get back to basics Primal-wise.
    I'm tweaking (what?! already?!) No sugar and chocolate-good, no dairy-good, no nuts/fruit-not good. Realistically I can't do that atm, too much taken out of my diet. So, we'll go with REDUCED intake of nuts and fruit.
    Day 1 of no coffee and I have a headache. Which is really really weird. I made sure I had plenty to drink this morning. I ended up eating 2 dark chocolate covered almonds in hopes of getting rid of it(caffeine fix) and it helped for a little bit.
    Onward and upward!
    Calm the f**k down.

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    I did so good today!
    I IFed for 17 hours!!!
    I didn't touch any sugar or chocolate or beer or anything bad.
    I didn't walk to work (but will tomorrow)
    I haven't had a salad yet (but definitely got my veggies in)
    and I did yoga. And in a couple minutes I might Lift something Heavy and then follow that up with a salad and it will be like the ideal day!! Yay.
    (field) journal
    primal start-weight (3/11): 154
    current weight (8/25/2012): 141

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    Oh, and Tara, you are such an inspiration! Just like everyone else taking the challenge!! But 1,000 calories doesn't seem like very much. Just saying...
    (field) journal
    primal start-weight (3/11): 154
    current weight (8/25/2012): 141

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