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Thread: So you think you can Primal? May 30 day challenge

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    I am totally in! I really need something like this, somewhere I can check in with others attempting the same thing which is to test our abilities to stay strong and focused on our goals to stay/become healthier and happier people. I've been eating as primal, well as primal as I can being a somewhat poor college student which means I don't necessarily by everything organic, but my boyfriend and I have been really goo about keeping grains out and eating lots of meats and veggies. The problem with me is that I have quite the sweet tooth. I love fruit! If I have a favorite food it would be fruit, any kind, all! LOL well anyway I fell off the band wagon pretty hard two days ago when I let my self be tempted by this amazing chocolate cake, then pizza, then,pancakes, then twix! AHHHHH how did it come to this! Well I have no idea, but I need to get straight again, now!! So here are my goals....

    1. Don't eat any grain products
    2. eat fruit only once a week and only one serving
    3. keep carbohydrate intake to 50g a day
    4. after this week which is finals week, get back to playing for an hour every day
    5. walk an hour a day
    6. LHT 3 days a week starting in two weeks when I'm back home with my weights lol
    7. take multivitamin every day along with calcium and omega 3 supplements
    9. IF once a week
    10. be at145lbs on day 30

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    OH! and Sprint once a week!! Also be more aware of spelling errors when posting on forums apparently lol
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    I've been looking for some company on my 30-day challenge! Yay!!
    1. no grains
    2. cut down on dairy
    3. cut down on coffe to 1 cup a day
    4. get to bed earlier
    5. towards the end of the 30 days start IF-ing
    6. start sprinting and lifting heavy things

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    oh my god reading other's challenges can only make me relate and inspire me. I too will treat today as a 'cheat day' (currently devouring a jar of yummy nut butter) and start tomorrow. In about 30 days I have an event to look forward to too! here we go:

    1. increase protein intake, especially after work/for dinner as tend to loose appetite snacking on nuts.
    2. no nuts. no fruit. if family come over and unload boxes of fruit on me- cut and freeze em up!
    3. walk on beach once a week and jump in water for a quick swim. I love this 'me' time to myself and don't do it enough.
    4. buy/use herbal toothpaste (already gone poo-less and use minimal beauty products)
    5. NO CHOCOLATE. not even DARK Chocolate, as this opens up a black hole that sucks me up.
    6. No alcohol. This will be easy as done it before.
    7. Try to do a 20hr fast being only one meal. (Already do 16 hr).
    8. Fit in a nap once a week.
    9. No jumping on scales til this is over. I've got enough stress in my life.
    10. Tabata sprints. Have been building up to this slowly, but this will require running in the park/beach, not in my busy morning gym session.
    11. Barefoot more often, e.g. when gardening.
    12. LHT only bodyweight. don't listen to the stupid trainers at the gym. I know my body type. With weights before I had put on some weight and worsened my upper back, my physio told me off and so I need to tone it down lol.

    I'm already good with dairy, only butter and sheeps cheese rarely. planning on buying some ghee. also good with walking to work these days, as fuel is ridiculous, and still do yoga twice a week and SOW once a week.
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    goal weight: 60kg / 155lb
    goal fat%: 20%

    current weight: 70kg / 154lb

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    Well, I didn't make it to 10:00 for bkfst ... starving by 9:00, but at least I lasted 2.5 hours after getting up

    In my quest to take in more protein during this challenge (and a little less fat) I switched to Canadian Bacon (peameal) and am up to 24 grams of protein already instead of my normal 18. Calorie intake is about the same.
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    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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    I totally stuck with the program yesterday.
    Had a little extra wine though. I think I need to give up all alcohol for my 27 day challenge as well. this will be a challenge.
    Going to do yoga this morning. Yoga might have to substitute for a LHT session.

    and IF until...12 or so? that will make it 15 hours.

    Good Luck everybody!! Glad to see so many stepping up to the challenge!

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    I'm 7 days into my challenge but I'm jumping in!

    I did...

    NO dairy, whatsoever
    NO grains, not even a bite!
    NO sugar (not even chocolate)
    Cut down on fruit (in a big way)
    Meditate at least once a day
    Be cheerful and let things GO!
    No stepping on the scale!

    Today is Day 7 and I haven't had one slip up! So exciting! If I can do it, anyone can.

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    Congradulations Tara! It seems that our success are built one day at a time, and the more days you succeed the easier it is to keep going. Its kind of about energy management, isnt it? Good for you for adding meditation in, it is such a valuable tool for transformation! Happy Day!

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    I'm in. There are some things I'd like to tighten up, but not in a super-hardcore Whole 30 way:

    1) Get outside. I think our relentless 6-month-and-counting winter is on its way out. I am going to get outside and walk for an hour 4x per week. Mainly for the sunlight, but also to get some low-level cardio in amongst all the high-intensity stuff that rules my world.
    2) Heavy lifting, 2x per week. It's hard to factor these workouts in when I have to teach a bunch of fitness classes every week, but I think I can make it work on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons.
    3) I feel like I've been slacking off on my fat consumption and I've been feeling hungrier because of it. I'm going to ramp up the fat intake greatly.
    4) No chips or popcorn "treats" this month.
    5) I'm not going to go dry, but I am going to try to cut out my glass of wine on weeknights. If I fall off the wagon on this one, I won't be too sad. My nightly post-workout glass of wine is one of my greatest little pleasures.
    6) IF a few days a week. On days when I have a few fitness classes to teach I don't like to IF. But there are days when I'm not scheduled to teach and am less worried about performance or 'running out of steam,' and on these days I could skip breakfast and maybe even lunch: Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and/or Sundays.

    Alrighty! Let's do this!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    May 2: Day 01
    Goal #1) Get outside: Going for a 1-hour walk in the sun today at lunch.
    Goal #2) LHT: Not today, but I am teaching a BodyPump class later...
    Goal #3) Eat more fat: sausage, bacon and 2 hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. Sausage and shrimp in tomato sauce (jamabalya withouth the rice, I guess) and some raw veggies. Green tea. Today I'm buying Tropical Traditions' Coconut Cream Concentrate and will try to incorporate a spoonful or two of coconutty goodness into my day (I tried a spoonful of coconut oil yesterday and gagged for 20 minutes). I'm also going to buy TT's Expeller Pressed oil for cooking.
    Goal #4) No chips/popcorn: None so far! *smile* We went to a movie last night and I had some popcorn; my final hurrah!
    Goal #5) Cut wine: It's 9:30am so, no, I haven't had any wine yet today. Stay tuned to see if I can resist the urge when I get home form the gym later tonight. I don't typically keep wine in the house; I just buy a bottle when the mood strikes me. However, my boyfriend bought a case of one of my favourite whites, so this will be a challenge indeed.
    Goal #6) IF: Not today; I'm teaching two hours of fitness classes tonight and need to have enough fuel in my tank.
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    I'm in. I really want to hit my next goal for May and get more off before going to camp in June.
    Current Weight -200
    Goal May 31 - 190

    1. Sprint 2 times a week
    2. Walk the dog every day
    3. Weights 3 times per week
    4. Eat more salads on weekends & evenings. Already do salads for lunch at work but will try to get more veggies.
    5. Try intermittent fasting (really not sure how this will go, but might be interesting)
    6. No nuts (will sincerely miss my am snack)
    7. Limit wine intake to no more than 6 oz/day and not every day.
    8. Limit dairy to Almond Milk or Coconut milk and eliminate cheese on salad to 2 times a week & yogurt 1x a week for yummy smoothie
    9. Play on weekends with family (kayaking, biking, golf or canoeing)
    10. Reduce TV and get down in art studio more. Separate goal here is to make 3 small new projects with paint and stamping.

    You know . . . when you write these down it seems doable.
    Starting Weight 235 - Dec 1, 2010
    Started Primal Mid January 2011
    Current Weight 183
    Goal 160

    Get Outside Already!

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