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Thread: Calorie Counting Revisited : Distillation and Update

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    Quote Originally Posted by otzi View Post
    If you are going to eat more starch, you would probably want to cut down on protein before fat.
    I hope I'm reading this incorrectly....
    Generally speaking, you would probably want to cut down on fat rather than protein in order to include starches. The exception to this would be in cases where individuals are eating extremely low fat and high protein diets in which case protein should be lowered to allow for starchy carbs.

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    You know Otzi, from your journals and posts it really looks like you lost almost all your excess weight on low carb then lost the last ten "vanity pounds" and made your pretty abs pop out more clearly with the spud fest and then forgot what got you most of the way in the first place. (And, BTW you do look hot, bro.)

    It's not just about different ratios for different people. It's also different for any one person depending on the stage of weight loss they are in. John has made some great progress but has quite a bit more to go. He is not at the last ten vanity pounds stage yet.

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