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Thread: Test Your Breath

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    Test Your Breath

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    I noted my beloved was having a bit of ketosis-breath after a day of travel and not enough liquid, then we had a dinner out that was garlic-laden, so I was wondering about breath and how to make sure one's breath is okay since the old breathe-into-the-hand trick is not any good. A quick Google and I found a great little test that worked for me: lick the back of your hand or arm, let dry, then sniff. Sure enough, the garlic was evident. I'm finicky about dental hygiene, but between ketosis, garlic, and who knows what else, who doesn't want to have an extra measure of confidence--eh?

    Here's the webpage I was reading: The Bad Breath Test
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    I ate 2 onions and 1.5 heads (what is that like 15 cloves about) of garlic with my pound of liver the other day. Dunno if it was on my breath or not, but it was damn tasty! Love me some onions and garlic. I don't care if the whole world would have to suffer my halitosis (which I don't actually get from eating these things), I wouldn't stop eating em.

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    Chopped Liver
    (Sung to the tune of Moon River)

    Chopped Liver, onions on the side
    my social life has died, from you
    my friends shun me, they out-run me,
    the smell of my breath, is slow death, sad but true
    My odors' twice as bad as beer,
    and people who drink beer agree,
    I know that my breath will not end,
    always I'll offend, my halitosis friend
    Chopped liver, in me.

    -Mad Magazine unsure of date
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