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Thread: Long-distance Running in Ketosis?

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    I know that long distance running isn't exactly extolled around here as an activity in which Grok would have engaged, but...

    I'd really like to run the LA Marathon in the spring and I'd like to do it without increasing my carb intake; so...

    Has anybody engaged in long-distance running while in ketosis?

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    I've tried. Others have tried harder than me. FWIW, I enjoyed my runs a lot more even if I ate just a few carbs (less than 10g) before a run. Raisins worked for me.

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    I never know if I'm in ketosis or not, but I've done a lot of distance running on a very low carb diet and have never felt negative effects. Granted, a majority of my running was easy training runs or ultra events where you're not burning a lot of glycogen anyway. Did a marathon on low carb by marathoner standards, but nowhere near what I'm at now. Good luck, let us know how it goes!

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    I raced ATB distance events (30, 50 and 75 milers, 3 to 7 hour races) on zero carb this past summer. Did fine, as good as I ever do, but no bonk or cramps. Never trained for the events, I figure the races themselves are bad enough.

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    I will be playing around with running some longer distances also as I venture into this PB diet/ lifestyle. I am coming from eating a lot of raw foods so I have some distances on basically all fruits and veggies and was amazed at how good I felt. You may need to plan on some fruit post run. I usually do a green smoothie with protein powder, greens and some fruit. I have amazing muscle recovery on that.

    The way I discovered this site was after a comment that Lance Armstrong's strength coach made about his diet. Peter does some 3-4 hr rides with Lance. He said he eats Paleo but has carbs before and after endurance training. My guess is you will have to play around with fruit, sweet potatoes and that sort of thing to up the distance.

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    Good thoughts guys! Thanks for the encouragement. Perhaps I'll keep posting back here about how it goes.

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