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Thread: Perfect Dental Check-up

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    Perfect Dental Check-up

    Five years ago my dentist told me that I had "deep pockets" between my teeth and gums indicating some bone loss due to decay. He insisted that I see the periodontist. I never made the appointment and avoided the dentist all together until last October. I had been Primal only a few weeks, but that coupled with "oil pulling" with coconut oil gave me a pretty good check up. The hygienist still wanted to "Map" my pockets in yet another attempt to get me to the periodontist.

    So, On Thursday I had my six month check up. It was to be a long appointment for cleaning and mapping.

    Due to being Primal over six months, I had very little tartar buildup. My gums were in great shape and barely bled even though I am on Coumadin (a blood thinner). The doctor pronounced me to be in great dental health and they did not even bother to map the pockets because they were a normal depth.

    The dentist commented on my weightloss and asked me what I was doing. I told him about the PB. I wonder if he made the connection between the turn around in my dental health and the lack of sugar and grains in my diet?
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