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Thread: 1st Muscle Up today-yeehaw

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    Actually, I did three on a limb of a maple in my backyard. I have attempted it many times in the past.

    This morning, I watched the Primadelphia video and got inspired. I went home at lunch, made a salad from my lettuce patch with salmon, broccoli, Sungold tomatoes, and some shredded cheese. Topped off with some balsamic vinegar of course (also a Halloween packet of M&Ms, hey, no one is perfect) Then went out and chased my daughter around the yard, she chased me, and then I ran up to the tree limb and knocked out a muscle up. It wasn't perfect, but i got away from my daughter who was chasing me! I then yelled to my wife, she ran outside and I did two more. Hot damn!! It was bound to happen after doing thousands of pullups and dips.

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    congratulations - that is awesome. Very few people can do these.



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    Makes me want to build an outdoor pullup bar

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    What's makes the story even more fun is that it was daughter inspired! Great work & congrats. :-)

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