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    Wink Primal Journal - onalark

    Having given 4HB its 6 week due, I think I'm ready to go Primal and ditch the beans and "free" day. Going crazy with carbs just isn't working for me like Tim intended. I inevitably gain back everything I lose during the week, and since Tim's big on self-exploration, it's time to admit that it's just not working for me. (The "free" day, that is. The diet in general is.)

    Not that I won't be following the 80/20 rule but...I'm hypothyroid. Even treated, pretty much every calorie that doesn't come from animals, vegetables, or fruits sticks to me like glue. It sucks, but I think that's what I'm discovering in all this.


    Meals Today
    • Breakfast - 2 organic eggs, 1.5 pork sausage, mixed veggies (mushrooms, peppers, onions)
    • Lunch - Roasted vegetable salad with shrimp from CPK, no corn.
    • Lame-ass cheat: 3 bites of coconut cake brought in by the department -- had to try it! (Went for a 20 minute swift walk immediately after.)
    • Dinner - Liver with bacon and slivered leeks and onions, plus a generous portion of salad with assorted veggies and a small (4 oz. glass of wine). We liked the liver, but the taste is STRONG. We felt it could have used more "garnish" (i.e., more onions). My mom suggested mushrooms. Will try that next time.

    • 20 glute activations, 15 flying dogs, 20 squats, 20 crunches, 5 reverse crunches (it's been a while), 20 modified pushups, 40 x kettlebell swings w/35 lb weight
    • Afore-mentioned walk.

    Heading home! Time to cook that liver and onions. Yum.
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