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Thread: primal protein powder/shake for triathlete page

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    primal protein powder/shake for triathlete

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    hey all,

    was wondering if i could get recommendations on the best Primal protein powder/shake. i train for triathlons and running races. thanks.

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    Check out Paleomeal by designs for health. It is pricey but it's probably the best powder on the market. Made out of raw-whey, has glutamine, b vitamins and just a good quality product. I picked up the strawberry-banana flavor and its pretty amazing chilled.

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    I'm in the process of finding a good primal protein powder for a quick snack/breakfast, but whatever I do find, I will be making with coconut milk because hot damn that stuff is delicious and occasionally dairy gives me some issues.
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    There was a good thread on this topic about 1 year ago - A number of folks recommended NOW Foods 100% Whey Protein Isolate - Natural. It is available from Amazon, but I may pick up a small amount at Whole Foods and give it a try.


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