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    Feeling constantly tired

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    The problem with me is that I'm almost constantly feeling tired. I may have little peaks of energy but mostly I just feel tired. I'm 23, BMI slightly under "optimal" and been eating at least fairly primal for a few years. I guess the biggest thing I'm lacking in my "diet" is eating enough vegetables. My excuses are that I don't particularly like vegetables and they are damn expensive, at least for a student. But I guess I'm going to try to greatly increase my vegetable for a week and see if it makes a difference.

    I don't really exercise much mainly because my energly levels are so low. So I wonder if forcing to exercise could give some benefits or would it exhaust me even more? I think Mark himself has said that you should only do intensitive training when you feel like your body is ready for it. I do some slow walking about 1 hour a day though.

    I suppose the tiredness can be cause by other factors like sleep, mental state, medical condition etc. but I'd like to rule out diet and exercise first. So do you think forcing yourself to exercise is a good idea and is sufficient intake of vegetables so critical? I especially would like to hear some personal experiences on these matters.

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    Can you post a sample daily menu? Are you zero/very low carb? Maybe a little fruit or sweet potato would help.
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    Look for Stabby's posts. Great info and checklists there!

    And let me be the first to ask: "Do you eat enough fat?"
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    Where are you in your weight goal? Maintenence or weight loss? Weight ok but aiming for fat loss?

    Generally when I am tired and have zero energy it is exactly because I have avoided getting some veggies in me. I love veggies the problem is there generally aren't left overs so reaching in to grab left over meat is just easiest.

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    Today's menu:

    2 x Minced beef meat, cheese, mushrooms, onions cooked in butter and two sour crisp breads (=12g carbs)

    Some liquorice candy, yeah I know bad Didn't eat too much though.

    Milk and blueberries.

    Hard to estimate how many calories that is, probably something around 1500.

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    Get rid of the breads and the candy. You are not eating anywhere near enough fat, either.
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    GO to the doctor and get him to check your iron and thyroid levels and whatever else he thinks it might be. This may not be dietary.

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    If your menu always looks similar to this, it's no wonder that you're feeling tired. +1 on what Griff said.

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    1500 calories? No wonder you're tired! Sheesh. You're not eating enough...probably because you're protein-satiated from the meat and cheese.

    This article is long, but very relevant to what you're experiencing:
    The Science Behind The “Low Carb Flu”, and How To Regain Your Metabolic Flexibility - GNOLLS.ORG

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    I think my fat/protein/carb ratio should be ok. The bread and candy surely don't provide any nutritional benefits but they only make up of about 60g carbs. The rest come from fat and protein. I don't eat more because I'm not hungry. In terms of weight I guess I'm trying to maintain my level, perhaps gain some more. I have also been a skinny guy so maintaining weight is not really concious effort though.

    Regarding carb flu, I think it should only happen for beginners? I have been eating low carb for years. But the link you posted seems interesting so I might check it out anyway.

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