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Thread: Pork Rind French Toast?

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    Pork Rind French Toast?

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    I was googling about pork rinds (because I was curious why some are light like cheetos and others are hard and dense) and I came across a website with a recipe for making faux-french toast out of pork rinds. Too wild to believe!

    So I googled "pork rind french toast" and found a post on lowcarbfriends asking for it. Weird.

    Has anyone tried this/heard of it? I think I'd like to try it, but I'm having a REALLY hard time imagining it!

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    I love pork rinds but I'm sorry - that sounds disgusting...
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    I've heard of it. It's just a pancake, though. I bet you could add vanilla and cinnamon to any primalish pancake recipe, and if you make it moist and eggy enough, it would be kinda reminiscent of french toast.

    I sometimes make "bread" for sandwiches or whatnot (similar to Rivvin's Angry Bread) and I've considered making that into french toast. It's not super absorbent so I'm not sure how it would work, though. But right now I'm trying desperately to lose weight so I'm foregoing treats like that. =]
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