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Thread: Is a Raw Vegan diet healthy?

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    Glad to here you have your diabetes under control Griff!

    My hubby is a type one diabetic, and he loves fruit. Obviously he doesn't eat 10 servings a day or anything, but he does not require the same amount of insulin for a peice of fruit, as he does for a peice of cake or pizza, or candy. Since I've started cooking primal and he's cut 99% of grains and starches out of his diet, he hasn't required insulin every meal, somedays NONE!!!

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    LEM: That's all well and good, but I'm willing to bet that it's still causing his blood sugar to go up when he eats fruit. Fruit for any diabetic is toxic and shouldn't be eaten except very, very sparingly (maybe once every few days).

    Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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    According to the article on this site, when nitrites are heated at high temperatures they form nitrosamines. So it doesn't seem that safe of an ingredient. And there are four times the nitrosamines in the bacon grease so it probably isn't a good idea to cook things in it?

    I'm afraid of what all these meat products are going to do to my health. When searching for information about raw vegan I find all kinds of sites with people curing their diseases and enjoying their vibrant health. When searching about meats, I find all kinds of studies about the diseases they cause. I'm thinking I should stop purchasing them and stock up on fruits again.

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    Darien, I'm coming into the conversation late, but here's my 2 cents. You are concerned about your health (as we all are here) but I've yet to see in any of your posts any indication of how YOU feel after eating raw vegan after a few months. I'm sorry if I missed it in a post. Regardless of Person X who lost inches off his waist and Person Y who says raw vegan is healthiest, your decision as to whether or not these lifestyles will work for you is dependent on how they are making you feel.

    From your posts and the fact that you are here, may I presume that you are still questioning the raw vegan diet? Stop for a moment while reading all the sites on RV, nitrosamines, meats, fruits, and ask yourself--how do you feel on this diet: tired, energetic, hungry, satisfied...? Are you looking for another solution? Do you feel that vibrant health you read about?

    I recommend evaluating these lifestyles not on a website alone, but also in how they work for you. I can say that for me, the MDA lifestyle only made sense after living it for a few weeks. If you are willing, give it a try. All of us will have to experiment and find our own balance in foods, as we will all have different experiences and results. Good luck!

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    Raw Veganism does not make any sense from a physiological, anatomical or evolutionary perspective.

    I can see how people with no formal background in science can get caught in the hype and media disinformation, and follow it. To their inevitable long-term health-detriment.

    But after being exposed to new evidence-based perspectives like the ones in the PB, rational raw vegans have really no excuse to keep defending the supposed health benefits of veganism.

    At that point, I just think about natural selection and rejoice on the fact that there will be more meat for us.

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    Coming in late as well from an experienced perspective - I tried the raw vegan lifestyle this spring (Apr/May/June 09) and boy was I absolutely miserable! I was trying to lose weight and did the green smoothies, salads, soups and juices - it was just awful... I had no energy to work out and I was not enjoying myself at all... I had bought a juicer and the Vita-mix and was spending gazillions on produce at Whole Foods to do all of this - and after three months, all I had to show for it was a 3 pound loss, an empty bank account and a grumpy attitude... I'm sure it works for some people - but for me it really didn't at all... The silver lining is that I do incorporate some of the things I learned from this experience with the Primal lifestyle - I do enjoy green smoothies but only once in a while as a treat - and the raw soups are tasty - and that's everything in a blender, fiber and all... But now that I think about it, I don't juice at all - 'cause that doesn't feel very primal and I don't like throwing away all that produce leftovers...

    Since being on Primal - Sept 09 - I have lost 20 pounds effortlessly...

    Just wanted to share my two cents...

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    Darian - when eating Bacon you should definitely look for nitrate-free bacon.

    When buying meat, similar to buying veggies there are vast differences in how the meat was raised, fed and processed (if buying processed). When you eat veggies you buy organic, clean veggies, right? The same should be true for your meat. Personally I buy grass-fed, free-roaming meat and do not use any processed meats at all.

    No matter what you decide to do w/ your diet, I would advise always buying the best quality food you can afford. For meat, the best quality is grass-fed meat (need to look around on the internet or for a don't get this in the supermarket). And, avoid any processed meats w/ added preservatives, same way you would do w/ veggies. Get rid of the nitrate-bacon.

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    @darien: Blogs by doctors that reccomend a low carb, hi fat/protien diet: Dr. Stephen Guyent Dr. William Davis Dr. Michael Eades Dr. Kurt Harris

    Just some places to begin.

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    Just eat the bacon man... nitrates won't kill you just this one time. It's at least a step up from vegan.

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    Darien, are you really asking for an honest opinion or are you a troll. It just seems strange - maybe I&#39;m reading you wrong. You talk about nitrates being bad and then say maybe I should stop buying them and go back to fruit (instead of just getting nitrate-free). Is your first language English? Maybe its just the way you write things?

    LEM - perhaps you need to watch you don&#39;t get too much oxalate from spinach and leafy greens as it can lead to kidney stones for some. Have you had any issues?

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