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Thread: Is a Raw Vegan diet healthy?

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    Raw paleo is based on a completely unsupported dogma against cooking that has zero basis in biochemistry, medical science or paleoanthropology. It is based on weak analogical argument only. Positing that the core dogma is that everything should be raw and then arguing over a spectrum from raw veganism to 100% meat ignores the most fundamental elements of metabolism.</blockquote>

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    I did raw vegan for a month b/c SO many people swear by it. A guy I worked with was a raw food vegan and had all sorts of successes with it. I read the China Study and scared myself and decided to give it a go starting with a 3-day alkalizing juice detox. I also gave the book to my mom who also went vegan for awhile. I have to say, I felt awful during the detox and almost passed out at work at the end of my second day. Then of course I got better when I started eating solids again, but I never got the &#39;energy&#39; folks talk about. I always felt a little under-the-weather. I think 4 weeks was enough to debunk the "you didn&#39;t do it long enough" argument.

    And my mom? Her cholesterol SHOT through the ROOF!! She was vegan for two months and her cholesterol SKYROCKETED!! So she stopped.

    I stopped.

    I noticed my coworker had exceptionally dry skin, dry hair, saggy skin and no muscle tone...but did have bright eyes

    This makes so much more sense!!

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    Thank you for sharing that, LittleNappingLion. You should post that on their forum lol

    I have yet to hear of someone following the PB with negative effects!

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