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Thread: Today's MDA about Smell

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    Today's MDA about Smell

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    Today's MDA article actually came at an opportune time... Around lunch time, I thought I was smelling something very rich and sugary. After a while searching, I found a coworker eating a cake with heavy frosting.
    After 2ish weeks, I can now smell sugar?? Is that possible? Anybody else have interesting experiences with going probably

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    I can smell my wife's coffee and it is sickening, the sugar smell, that is.

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    Yes, it's certainly possible. I loooooove the smell of sugary-sweet things (in fact, a number of my perfumes and bath goodies are scented with these sorts of smells), but I can most certainly smell actual cake more acutely now.

    It's funny, because my fiancÚ has a very keen sense of smell, and since switching to Primal he can tell when I'm in ketosis by the change in my scent. I boggled at this at first, but it is perfectly logical (changes in body Ph, excretion of ketones through the lungs, etc). But he's not too thrilled with it because he says I smell worse. :P
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