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Thread: Liver Oxidation?

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    Liver Oxidation?

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    I made some beef liver for the first time last night. It turned out pretty well. However, I noticed green spots on some of the pieces today. Of course, green on meat freaked me out so I didn't eat it. I looked it up later and found out that it's oxidation but "still safe to eat." Is that true? I thought we want to avoid oxidation. So whereas I know it's probably safe to eat (as in, I won't get sick), is it wise to eat it (as in, oxidation is bad in any form)? Thanks!
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    i wouldnt eat it but thats just one opinion haha

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    Was it fresh or frozen? If frozen, and parts were freezer burned, I may be from that. And, if cholesterol is doing it's job, not to much worry about in small doses.

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