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Thread: Why is eating fats good for us? Remind me please :)

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    Why is eating fats good for us? Remind me please :)

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    I have read the benefits of olive oil, and I do eat it. I love butter and for the life of me I cannot answer the question of "why is this good for me?".

    I know fats will fill us up but I also know there are other benefits. I think they help with digestion as well.

    Personally, I have been adding butter or coconut oil to just about every meat and veggie I consume and there seems to be a correlation between this and me keeping my weight down.

    If anyone could provide a link to "why is this good for me" I would appreciate it! It can be this forum/website or any outside source.

    Thanks in advance and happy Grok-ing!


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    Every cell in your body requires fat to exist.
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    Hi Dynamo,

    Have you read The Primal Blueprint yet? It's a good read with answers to most of the common questions.
    If you can't get your hands on a copy (if you can't or don't want to buy one, most libraries can get one in for you if they don't already have a copy) This thread has links to most of the common questions.

    But specific info on fats can be found here:
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    Fat is necessary for optimal health, there is not doubt about it. It's not so much that it is just benign and less carbohydrate is desirable, fat is useful.

    It raises adiponectin whereas carbohydrate doesn't

    Association between dietary factors and plasma adi... [Am J Clin Nutr. 2005] - PubMed result
    The Role of Adiponectin in the Protective Action of Dietary Saturated Fat Against Alcoholic Fatty Liver in Mice
    Dietary saturated fatty acids down-regulate cycloo... [Hepatology. 1997] - PubMed result

    It raises testosterone in men (that's good!). Testosterone and cortisol in relationship to dietary nutrients and resistance exercise

    Oleic acid helps prevent cancers HER2 (erbB-2)-targeted effects of the omega-3 poly... [Clin Transl Oncol. 2006] - PubMed result

    Basically more good fat and less carbohydrate means a better blood
    lipid profile with regards to heart disease risk HEALTHY DIETS AND SCIENCE: Low fat/high carbohydrate diets lead to an increase in (bad) cholesterol Saturated fat, carbohydrate, and cardiovascular di... [Am J Clin Nutr. 2010] - PubMed result

    You need fat to make HDL. This is a sweet mini-series on HDL Perfect Health Diet How to Raise HDL

    And here's the dirty little secret of the big anti-cholesterol campaign. Sometimes it is the case that higher cholesterol is indicative of a problem, but cholesterol itself is very useful to the body. Our brains are made out of it and we need it to keep our bodies healthy Hyperlipid: Cholesterol and heart attack survival Perfect Health Diet Saturated Fat REDUCES risk of stroke and heart disease

    If someone eats fat and their LDL cholesterol goes sky-high, they likely have a problem, but it's not the cholesterol's fault - the cholesterol is there to heal the body, that's its job. This site has a lot of studies showing better health outcomes with higher cholesterol levels HEALTHY DIETS AND SCIENCE Usually I don't do statistical associations between nutrients and dying because it is inductive reasoning and useless, but when you have a viable mechanism like the fact that tons of important stuff is made out of fat and mostly dietary fat at that, it's obvious.

    So yeah, definitely important to get enough saturated and monounsaturated fats. "High fat diet kills mice dead" studies are all done with high omega 6 seed oils and are in omega 3 deficient mice. There's probably a lot more I could go into, but it's obvious that we should eat plenty of fat.
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    Among other things, there are certain fatty acids that our bodies cannot make. We must get them through diet.

    Essential fatty acid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Another reason you need fats is because you can't absorb the fat soluble vitamins without them - Vit A, D, E, K. You can't make the steroid hormones (testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, aldosterone) without them, nor can you synthesize Vit D from sun exposure without fat. Your nerves don't function without a nice insulating layer of fat - that includes your entire brain. And every cell in your body would leak like a sieve if it didn't have a little fatty cell membrane holding it all together.......

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    Every animal eats mostly fat - if they are carnivores, they eat animal fat. If they are herbivores, then bacteria in their gut eat all that fruit and produce fatty acids which are then digested (yes I'm reading Perfect Health Diet right now). Our guts don't do all that much fermentation, so it follows we need to get fat from external sources.
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    fat = fuel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynamo View Post
    I have read the benefits of olive oil, and I do eat it. I love butter and for the life of me I cannot answer the question of "why is this good for me?".
    The body can burn either sugar (glucose) or fattyacids for energy. One of the most simple filters you can use when trying to decipher nutritional information is burning fat is healthy. Look up ketogenic diets.

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    Your body needs fat to create certain hormones...

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