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Thread: Elbow Pain

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    Elbow Pain

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    Seems like ever since I moved to barbell training my body is falling apart! I started doing cleans as part of the SS routine and I didn't feel any pain the first time I did them and then i did some pullups and now I have this sharp pain when i get to the top of the pullup and when I bring the clean to the top and the elbow is bent. I'm guessing I started to high of weight for this particular exercise.

    I get sharp pain when picking things up that require me to bend my elbow as well. I'm going to stop doing these 2 exercises for a while.

    Anyone else ever have this problem and what did they do besides resting the arm to help relieve the pain? This is only in my right arm (and i'm a righty!!!)
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    i've had some pain in different joints before as a result of exercising, elbows included. i figure the cause is usually form.
    i just use rest to heal, but then i really focus on form (to the point of getting someone to watch me or record my movements to make sure i'm doing them correctly) to make sure i don't get hurt again.

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    You overstressed a tendon or three. Too much, too soon or bad form. Probably the latter. Why don't you go onto the SS forum and post a video, asking for a form check? If you don't have a video camera, you could look at the FAQs(Repetitive Inquiries). I suspect that it's a common problem.

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    Yep, in my case, elbows are the first to go when I overdo it.

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    A timely thread for me. This week I embarked on Pavel's Fighter Pullup program using a 50lb +/- backpack. I worked up to 50lbs in 6lb +/- increments over a period of a couple months while doing SimpleFit, but I hadn't focused on pullups during that time.

    Yesterday was day 3 of Pavel's program for me. We're not talking huge reps here...7 the first day, 8 the second day, and 8 yesterday. Last night I went to do a few L-sits on the pullup bar, where I first pull myself up with my chin well above the bar, then commence the L-sits while holding myself there. After 5 reps I lowered myself from the bar, and I had shooting pains in the insides of both elbows. I don't know what's up with that, but the last thing I want right now is chronic elbow pain. I'm going to modify Pavel's program and only do it every other day rather than the default 5-on-1-off schedule.

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    inside of the elbow is golfer's elbow. i'd lay off the pullups altogether until the pain subsides. ice em down and stretch your wrists out. And rest, rest, rest.

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    Find someone who can do soft tissue work.... Google IASTM.

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    I stopped doing cleans and changed up pullups to chinups (No pain doing these). Doing some wrist curls and finger extensions with bands to rehab the forarms. Pain slowly going away it seems. Will see in a few weeks when I attempt pullups again.
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