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Thread: whey protein and fat loss

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    will whey protein powder stall fat loss like dairy does?

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    Good question. I used to use it but quit when I quit dairy. I'd like to increase my protein intake using whey powder but this question came up in my mind also.

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    One theory I've read a couple of places is that casein (the protein that forms curds in cheese) is the problem, because casein specifically causes a fairly large insulin response (compared to equal volume of protein from another source), which is the reason for the stall. Given that that is true (and I haven't seen a study on it, so consider it an old wives tale for now), then the whey-only fraction would not cause a problem.

    If you keep using whey and you stall, maybe try something else. Egg whites? You can send the yolks to me.

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    There are several forms of both Casein and Whey used in different products. They vary widely from one to the next. Though they all share similar precursors, they are not all the same. Micellar Casein is what your looking for (Metabolic Drive from Biotest)

    Also, milk contains carbs.

    Whey protein won't stall fat loss - especially if you use it just after your workout. Also, it depends what kind of fat loss you're looking for. Dieting down from above to below 20% BF is pretty easy. Bringing things from like 15% down to 8% is pretty tough. For the earlier, PB is sufficient. For the latter, you may need something else.

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    If you are concerned about it, I custom mix my protein over at True Nutrition - The Highest Quality Supplements and Protein at the Lowest Prices you can make it all egg white protein and/or whole egg protein. When I finish up what I have around the house that's casein and whey I'll be switching to something like

    40% egg white, 45% whole egg 5% mct.
    -Ryan Mercer my blog and Genco Peptides my small biz

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    Three weeks ago I started consuming a couple of scoops of whey protein blended with 2 eggs, blueberries, kale, coconut milk and water to my post workout feed. Since then I have gained about 5 lbs of muscle (Body fat stayed at 10%). Could just be a coincidence and I may have got the same results if I just had a steak, omelette, chicken or fish. However it was quick and easy to make and it allowed me to stay consistant.

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