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Thread: Do you think I can rinse off the Bulgogi?

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    Do you think I can rinse off the Bulgogi?

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    Impulsively I bought a package of pre-marinated bulgogi (Korean-style beef) at Costco. I mean, how could I not? It was new at Costco!

    Anyway, it is waaaay too sweet. The marinade is grossly over-sugared. Will I ruin it if I soaked it in cold water then drain and dry it before cooking? I would eat it wrapped in lettuce with some crunchy veggies and hot sauce.

    In the future I'll have to go back to marinating the meat myself, using crushed kiwi, pear or other fruit for sweetening/tenderizing.

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    Don't soak it. Rinse it and brine it in salt water. That will pull some of the sugar out without making the meat soggy and weird.

    Ya, store marinades are so nasty and sugary! I like the idea of using fruit in a marinade though, I'll have to give that a shot.
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    I saw the title of this post and thought you dropped it on the floor or something! hehe! Yes, rinse off that stuff! I've done that before too where I don't read the label thoroughly enough and end up buying something with ingredients I don't want.
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    I didn't drop it - the dog would have snarfed it all up before I could clean the floor! I don't usually buy pre-marinated meats, and this will make sure I never do again. Even the Korean restaurants' offerings have gotten sweeter and sweeter. I'll get the non-marinated meats and pork belly if I go out for Korean BBQ.

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