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Thread: Beef Liver

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    Beef Liver

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    Having it for the first time - suggestions on prep? Not looking for a full recipe necessarily, more the best and tastiest way to cook it. I'm thinking of frying it in butter or bacon fat. Thoughts?
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    Sounds good. Cook it like steak. Don't overcook it or it will be dry/crumbly and not as good. It pairs well with onions, especially carmelized.

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    My mum always soaked hers in a plate of milk for a little while first. She said it mellows the flavour. I never ate the liver she cooked, but I'm working up my nerve to buy some and try it

    She also said, calf liver, if you can get it at a reasonable price is nicer.
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    I had some calves liver last night, fried in lamb fat (left over from bone stock) and served with a lamb broth reduction and a couple eggs poached in the broth. It was fabulous.
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