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Thread: Useful apps - android

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    Useful apps - android

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    For all my droid users, are you all aware of the dropbox app? I just got it and I'm pretty impressed/happy with it.

    It's an app that syncs files in your computer(s) and phone(s) -- actually I know it works in multiple computers, not sure if multiple smartphones but I can't see why not.

    Anyway what it does is, any file you add/subtract to the dropbox folder will automatically get added to the same dropbox folder in any other device. Also, any changes you make to a file get applied across the board. It's free for up to 2GB, then gets kind of pricey, but I doubt I'll go over 2GB really. This app is also available for iphone.
    The way I'm using it that relates to this board is I started an excel sheet where I'm mostly keeping track of my workouts, but thanks to dropbox, if I feel like adding what I ate that day I can do so on my phone while the memory is fresh. I also added pics to the file (and folder) to check progress since I gained close to 10lbs (of creamy ice-cream!)

    No more e-mailing myself files, no more having different versions of the same file (this is a big one!) I'm in love with this app, probably the only one on android I'm seriously happy to have.

    So, I was thinking we could share some productive, time-saving apps, but it's okay if the thread becomes "cool android apps" as well.

    Iphone users can jump in too, but do point out if your app suggestion is also available for android phones, thanks.

    /in b4 grok didn't use dropbox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iniQuity View Post
    /in b4 grok didn't use dropbox.

    This sounds like a killer app. I am gonna get it for my iPad. Thanks for letting us know about it.
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    I love Cardio Trainer for Droid. It helps me keep track of the number of miles (via GPS) and number of minutes/hours I walk or bike for my long slow and sprint days, and it also keeps track of weight lifting or minutes if I enter the info, so I have a nice clean log of my exercise for the week. And it's free!

    Logging helps me a lot because I used to say to myself..."I'm tired, I'll do it tomorrow"... then never exercise at all. Seeing the number of days I move my body in black and white is very motivating for me.

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    There is a really cool app I use a lot called Out of Milk (

    It lets you build shopping lists, manage your pantry, and even set to-do tasks and reminders. Coming soon there will be real-time syncing between phones and the website, widgets, coupon management and more... you can screenshots and stuff of all the new upcoming stuff at: Out of Milk | Home

    I could be biased about how awesome this app is, though, because I am one of the founders and developers behind the whole project.

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    HIIT interval timer is pretty useful.

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    I love the Monterey Aquarium's Seafood Watch app. It tells you whether the fish you're about to buy is environmentally safe, and offers better choices if it isn't. It's handy to be able to pull that up when I'm at the fish counter in my supermarket. Unfortunately the app doesn't address mercury/PCB concerns.

    ETA: Never mind, I checked again and it does mention mercury levels. So perfect app for the grok looking to avoid evil seafood-borne chemicals
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