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Thread: Primal Challenge Journal (chris (kayrock12) parys).

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    day: 5

    daily consumption:

    b: steak, water, 4 egg whites, 1 bannas

    l: brown rice, chicken, water, red beans

    s: chicken, water, fruits,

    activities: walked and stairs, busy day with patients

    med: afib meds, coumadin, blood preasure meds

    lots of water, no fib or flutter feel great thanks

    scheduled 15 miler tommorrow

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    ran this morning useing jeff galloway run/walk 4:1 ratio x 18 miles sore knee Left otherwise felt great.

    B: bananna, water 70 ounces over run, walnuts

    post run: steak, water, rasberry ice slush made in blender, small amount of carbs.

    l: to be determined

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