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Thread: Tri-State Area & Camping Help!

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    Tri-State Area & Camping Help!

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    If anyone lives in the York/Pennsylvania/NJ please help me. I have been exhausting all my time into finding a good camping site and i keep coming up with nothing. I'm from NJ, so a drive that isn't too far would be ideal (keep it in PA, NY, or NY). I don't need general areas, like the Catskills, i love the Catskills, but i don't have a specific spot that i really like. If you can help me please give me a spot where i can park and walk to. I am really trying to do primitive camping, no family campsites, that stuff is not for me. I want to be surrounded by no one and nothing but nature. I have come up short too many times only to find places that don't allow camping or that just aren't any good sites. Please give me a hand if you can, I don't know where else to turn.

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