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Thread: A message to Mark

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    This forum is a great way for me to get other people's perspectives, learn from their trials and errors, and be motivated by other people's successes.
    I personally don't mind getting 100 different answers to my questions. That's more to learn from. I can then figure out for myself what works for me by doing my own research from there. But I have also done a ton of research on my own before coming on this forum. I read the book first of all and most of the answers are in there. But at the same time, Mark has never had a weight problem, so someone like Griff would be able to give some insightful advice, based on his personal experience. I don't see Griff giving advice on how to get from 10% to 8% bodyfat. But there are also those people who can.
    If you don't like all the different answers, then read PB, Good Calories Bad Calories, and whatever else that is available in books or online. You can't complain about what you're getting if all you want to be is spoonfed everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Griff View Post
    We always judge any venue as if what was here when we got here has always been the way it was, even if the things we think are "tradition" only started the day before we got there.

    tfarny, yes, I admit that I advise people to stay below 50g carbs per day. I think that's the most sensible thing to do for insulin control, and I'm sorry, but unless someone is eating tons of fruit, they probably won't go above that if they are paying attention to what they are eating. Most people are here for insulin control and weight loss, not to become marathoners. For those who are ripped athletes, fine - my advice doesn't work for them. But I doubt that many of the ripped athletes even bother coming into the nutrition side of the forum. Most of the people I respond to are talking about having trouble losing weight. They post a food diary, and oh look - 300g carbs/day, or no fat in their diet. This is a constant thing, and I think I'm justified in pointing it out. If you want to lose weight, get below 50g per day. Increase if you like, but if you stop losing weight, that's going to be why. (Either that or you've reached homeostasis.)

    And I do, in fact, tell people to read the book.
    Well I know you are mainly responding to weight-losers, and you do advise book reading, but you ought to say, "it's not really the PB, but i recommend X" just because you do write with an authoritative voice. And I and lots of others have in fact lost all the weight we needed to without resorting to VLC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canio6 View Post
    Nah, it is more fun to start a 40+ page argument about why Mark is wrong and you don't need to buy the book.

    The last thing we need is heavy handed moderation!

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    Where's the fun in getting just one answer to your question? Or worse, a hundred people answering the SAME THING? Like a zombie forum, with bigger appetites.

    its been a little weird around here with teenage illiterates willfully misunderstanding PB. Its off-putting. But it passes.

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    Ahhhh c'mon.
    I see more of "Did Grok eat peppers and ranch dressing?" than I do of "I've just speared a bison - do I rip out the heart or liver first?"

    It's been said numerous times that the forum is an extension of the book, NOT a replacement. I would even say not to venture here until reading the book, or at least enough of the blog to know The Primal Blueprint (copyright etc). Try that on for size, and if something's not right then start exploring.

    "Pimp my diet", so to speak

    When I joined, many moons ago (!), there was a lot of geeking out over specific studies, really in depth discussions, very nerdy/intellectual. I kinda miss that. I see more of the cultish behavious that "we" criticise in others, a lot more repetition of threads, and yes a lot of newbie questions that I believe are answered in the book (I tend not to weigh in on those so I don't cause confusion).

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    Wow. This is all fascinating to me.

    One of my mantras is that we can control ourselves but we can't control others, only our reaction to them. So I guess I'm curious what harm is actually taking place in reading others' ignorant, unsupportive, wack-job comments? I've only had one uncomfortable interaction on here, everything else has been fodder for a good laugh or food for thought. While I come here for like-mindedness, sure, can't we celebrate the differences? Even the wacko stuff?

    It's stuff like this that gives me pause about trying to form a Primal/Paleo group locally or attending PrimalCon. People are great in the abstract, but in the, sometimes...

    And poor Mark. What's he gonna do about this? He created a great online community, but I doubt he wants to be bothered to babysit it.
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    I'd much rather have lots of arguing and flame wars, with the corresponding different points of view, than a groupthink. It's one of the things I love about this community. Otherwise, we're just those who shall not be named with (much) better science.

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    Wow, just yesterday or the day before, I wrote my impression of this place here:
    One thing I've noticed about this forum is that there are a lot of people who are just religious about adhering to the PB 100%. And at the same time there are people who color way outside the lines of the Blueprint to make it work for them. And even with the extremes it seems like everyone is very tolerant of one another's choices.
    I stand by that. I think this place is great. No adjustments needed.

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    I agree that the forums are filled with piles of conflicting information. However, that is because people are sharing their own experiences. The forum is a place to express how you have made PB work for you.

    It makes me sad though when I see new people trying all sorts of tweaks and extra rules before checking if the basic version of PB works for them. I think everyone should start with PB101 or the book and then trouble shoot with the forum.

    I will say, standard PB is amazing, but it is with advice from people on this forum as an adjunct that I was really able really make some life changing health changes.

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    I totally agree with tfarny here.

    I am getting so sick of all the VLC, no fruit, hardly any vegetables, eat meat only, watching all the noobs crash and burn on IFing when they are not supposed to even be doing it in the first place, bragging about losing X amount of weight and never bothering to exercise .... all of it. That is NOT The Primal Blueprint!! I don't think I would have stuck it out if things were like this when I first started coming here. This board has taken a hard, weird turn. I find I'm spending more and more time just shooting the breeze with good folk in the journals room.
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