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    Personally I love breakfast. There's just something to it

    But I have no problems skipping it during intermittent fasting.

    @madMUHHH & preston:

    After going more primal, I really feel the insulin sensitivity kicking in. I'll get a huge sugar crash even on a little rice for lunch. I tried shaking it off with a lil nap but once I start 'napping', my body simply refuses to wake up. Bad combination of fatigue and lethargy. I don't need to nap anymore now after cutting out refined carbs. Due to the stable energy levels i suppose.

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    see , I feel there is a big difference between skipping breakfast occasionally on an IF, but skipping breakfast every day is a different bear. I appreciate all the comments and feedback. Maybe breakfast is necesary to those still working on getting 'primal' improving insuslin sensativity, and less important once you've corrected the underlying physiological issues...I just dont know how one would get in enough protein at two, or one meal a day...

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    I prefer fasted workouts in the morning, and PB style exercise seems to suppress my appetite for a while, so it's usually not until 11 that I eat anything. I still have an abundance of energy all day.

    Also I suspect that we need less protein than we're lead to believe.

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    There is a whole lot of people who only eat ' 1 ' meal a day, and do fine. Most have no problem working out to gain muscle.

    You definately don't need as much protein as you think you do.

    The bodybuilding boom, and the Protein Powder Manufacturers have led us to believe that we need gobs and gobs protein or we will lose muscle mass.

    This is just not the case. You body can do excellent on much less protein than most people consume.

    Furthermore, if too much protein is consumed, or your body is good at storing and using protein it can convert that protein into glucose for energy instead.

    This was pretty interesting to see. This is one of Brad Pilon's man interesting youtube videos. It shows how much a pound of muscle really looks like.

    BRAD PILON of "Eat Stop Eat" has a book called, "How much Protein". It covers this very topic.

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    Whats the recommendation for protein?

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    I don't trust traditional recommendations for protein. I would be curious to hear how much protein some of you PB's intake. Primalchild? Preston? How much do you guys intake, I ask you two in particular because you don't seem to be biased in favor of protein. However, I realize that your bodies probably have different needs...

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    "Also I suspect that we need less protein than we're lead to believe."

    I agree with you.

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    I tend to eat a high protein and BIG veggie dinner and 5 days a week dont need breakfast - I have enough energy from the food I ate the day - night before to keep me going until mid afternoon or my evening meal.

    Saturdays and Sundays I do have fried eggs and saltless bacon though, (very English)

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