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Thread: How long is bacon good after opened?

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    How long is bacon good after opened?

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    It's just regular cured bacon... how long is it good after the package is opened?

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    Till it smells funky. I wouldn't go longer than a week or two (it wouldn't last uncooked and eaten for that long in my house anyways).
    0 days if you leave it opened on the counter-top in the sun all afternoon.

    If you are worried about it - wrap what you don't use and freeze it.

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    Agreed - it probably can go a couple of weeks - but it never takes that long to eat it up!

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    No opened package of bacon has ever survived longer than 3 days around here, so I wouldn't know.

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    I find bacon goes grey and gets spots of mold on it if I leave it open for more than 5 days. Put the unused bit in the freezer if you don't know when you'll get back to it. Wrapped in foil and frozen, it lasts a long time.

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    My grandma always says that cured meats are good until they get slimy and start smelling funky. I've eaten bacon that's been out of the package for two or more weeks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theholla View Post
    My grandma always says that cured meats are good until they get slimy and start smelling funky. I've eaten bacon that's been out of the package for two or more weeks.
    Exactly so. We buy a 5-lb box of ends and pieces. It comes in a cardboard box that is taped shut on the top and bottom with packing tape (not airtight) and the bacon is in a plastic bag inside that is open on the top (also not airtight). There's a lot of extra plastic that's folded over itself so it's not like the bacon is pressed against the cardboard, but the whole thing is far from hermetically sealed. It usually takes us a couple weeks to work through the box and the bacon is perfectly fine. Since it's loose though it's a little drier than packaged bacon, which usually has juice of some sort I've noticed.

    In short: Box of unsealed bacon bought from the store lasted a couple of weeks easy.

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    Rancid meat is carcinogenic long before it smells rancid. Eat it within a week. That's the only thing about high fat dieting that is storage issues. Fats go rancid. I store foods for long term a few years worth. And fats are difficult. All I've found to be successful is pressure canning. Nuts can be sealed and nitrogen packed... but things in the them up.

    Bacon...we open a package and it's gone when breakfast is over.

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    You mean you don't eat the whole package at one sitting? Duuuude.

    My 2yo and I can easily knock out a package a day... good thing I'm off bacon during Whole 30, its been a lot less expensive, LOL!
    --Trish (Bork)

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    Damn, now I want bacon and i didn't feel great this morning, so I didn't cook any! Sigh. Guess who is ahving bacon with dinner? This girl

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