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Thread: How many calories do you guys need?

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    How many calories do you guys need?

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    Hello, I am curious what other people need to eat.

    When doing my normal level of activity, I need somewhere around 4000 (that's a good estimate- tracking that much food gets REALLY tedious) but if I workout extra, that bumps up quite a bit for a few days, to the point where I cannot eat enough.

    I am 6'5", 205, 37 yo. I used to eat even more when I ran and cycled more but ate less meat.

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    Probably 2000-2300 cal, depending on activity (5'7", 133, 46yo). I tend to be eating less than that right now (just not hungry) so I am slowly losing.

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    Everyone's metabolism is unique, so you will get lots of different answers! (Female, 48, ~124, 5'6")

    I need about 1700-1800 to maintain. Probably eating about 1500 right now as I get bikini-ready...

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    5'11, 165 lbs, 21 years old...well north of 2000 calories. I don't keep track, but if I had to guesstimate, 2500-3000 calories depending on the day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonfly View Post
    Probably eating about 1500 right now as I get bikini-ready...

    At 5'10, 40 yr old, 205(ish) I need about 3,000 on training days and about 2,500 on non-training days. Those are usually in 2 meals within a 6 hour window. Still losing fat even though my weight stays the same.
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    I stopped counting months ago. That's the beauty of the lifestyle for me. I just eat good foods and lose weight.

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    I don't count but I think I'm doing about half or even 1/3 of some of the higher numbers above.

    I was a thyroid/hormone wreck before and I'm sure that has something to do with it though.

    Typical day.. 2 eggs, walnuts, smoked salmon or hard cheese snack, salad, small amount of something grilled like fish/ground beef/chicken by itself, and grazing on nuts. No really big meals.

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    My appetite is voracious when I LHT (2x's/wk), and sometimes the day after. I'll eat upwards of 3000-3500 kcal on those days. For the last 10 weeks on primal, according to fitday, I have been averaging 2400 kcal. I have dropped from 183 to 174, and have also added some muscle. Still would like to lose those "last 5-10 lbs" off the middle. I'm 29 yo, 5'11''.

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    Female, 53, 5'4-1/2", 128, about 2,600 kcal for maintenance.

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    Female, 45, 5' 7", 212, ~1300 per day resulting in ~ 2 pound loss per week.

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