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Thread: Haagen Daz and Cacao Nibs

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    Haagen Daz and Cacao Nibs

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    Yes, you read that correctly... I just ate a HUGE bowl of Haagen Daz vanilla ice cream topped with crunchy cacao nibs! Yum. Lots of sugar, but no regrets or feelings of guilt. The old me would feel have felt guilty and the guilt would have lead to more eating....for days. Now I know I can enjoy the ice cream and go back to normal primal eating. I am stuffed, though! Happy Easter!

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    Happy easter! Way to go for owning that experience, I always felt that guilt just served to make sure you didn't enjoy something, but certainly doesn't reduce the likelihood of doing it again.

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    That's awesome. I had an amazing cheesecake yesterday after being very strict for 5 wks, no problems here.

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