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Thread: Road Tripping & Camping

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    Road Tripping & Camping

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    The snow has finally melted! First camping trip of the year is next weekend!

    What do you pack to eat on camping trips? What do you pack for "road food"? (You know, that when you're so excited to for to get out there camping you just throw your gear in the car and GO, intending to either stop to eat something you packed or or to just "pick something up" along the way).

    I love camping - and seem to have the biggest challenges avoiding bread and buns whilst doing it.

    How do you pack, and what's you're favourite road-food?

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    Not one road trip goes by without beef jerky! Love it for the road. If your in the western states on some back country highway, there always seems to be a guy out there selling some amazing stuff from his pickup. I once stopped (I think in Montana) and got some elk jerky. Oh my, that was good!

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    Pemmican and Larabars.

    Mark did a post on pemmican that made it not sound that tasty but it really can be good if you know your way around a spice rack.
    Lararbars are just fruit and nuts.
    And I second the above about jerky

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    I was out canoeing and looking for fossils today (found some crinoids and a bison tooth, woohoo!) and had dried fruit and macadamia butter with me. I like to use the fruit to scoop up the nut butter. I need to learn to make jerky and pemmican, which I think would be ideal as well. Most jerky that I've seen has too much sugar or has gluten. I just bought a cheap dehydrator to see if I'll use it. If so then I'll invest in a better one.

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    Keep A big Water Gott Cooler (like you get at home depot). Fill it at home or on the road. you can always add more with "ice" Lets family be sure to tank up on water before and after hikes. Also then you don't have to rely on "finding" water.

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