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Thread: Cavemen had beer, right?

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    Cavemen had beer, right?

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    Okay, I have been reading this blog a few months but have not taken the primal plunge yet. I don't have any health concerns that really motivate a big change to full primal, but I have been cutting down on the grains and sugar, (though that comes and goes) and generally feel better with a meaty diet.

    Here's the deal- what do you do about beer? I love the stuff and life without beer is difficult to imagine (actually, my imagination is very vivid- life without beer sounds miserable, worse than a Mad Men episode without Christina Hendricks).

    Cavemen, other than Fred and Barney, probably had no beer, but the builders of the Egyptian pyramids received daily beer rations of about 1 gallon. Moving huge blocks of limestone sounds primal to me, as does relieving one's thirst with a gallon of beer (well, not primal, but certainly very manly).

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    There are a number of beer lovers around here. As long as you don't have a major gluten issue and practice moderation, you can consider it part of your 20 percent.
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    If you cut all grains and sugar except for beer you'll be better off than "I have been cutting down on the grains and sugar, (though that comes and goes)". I allow myself a beer every few months but I drink wine daily
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    Egypt was not Primal.

    The beer habit is just a habit like any other. Alcohol wrecks my health so I do none of it. It's not so bad.

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    Beer is made of grains. Grains are not primal. Draw your own conclusions.

    No matter how much you love the stuff, it's going to trash you. Ditch it.
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    Before I "took the plunge," I actually went through and thought of every single non-Primal food (specifics, like a croissant from a certain cafe, dessert at a certain restaurant) that was standing between me and that plunge and told myself, "Okay, well, I'll still let myself eat that." I haven't actually eaten any of those things since going Primal (although I might, for the rarer ones), but that's what it took to get me over that hurdle.

    Just go Primal except for beer. No one's keeping score. And if you decide down the road that you want to cut back on beer, it might be easier once you've gotten into the lifestyle. Or hey, maybe you'll just be a guy who's Primal except for beer, and that's not too shabby.

    And yes, I maybe clicked on this because I totally had a beer last night for the first time in a while (alongside my bun-less burger), and it was pretty awesome.

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    I feel your pain. I sold my beer making gear (brewer of 15 years) a few months after going primal - eventually if you stick with it you'll realize what a toll beer takes on your overall health. At least for me, "gluten free except beer" and "gluten free" are very different places.
    I drink it once in a great while now of course, but never more than a couple. You'll get over it because looking and feeling frickin awesome every single day is better than the best beer, you'll see. Make it your last thing to quit if it's a big deal.

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    i've had some fun making home brew ciders mead and wine... all of those are sort of yeasty but there's no grain
    mead is especially good made with raw honey. mmmmmmmmm

    How to Make Mead: 6 steps (with video) - wikiHow

    now i don't even miss beer! (never thought i'd say that)

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    just drink liqour or wine

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    I'm curious to hear from anyone who was in the habit of drinking only high quality, usually unpasteurized dark traditional brews (no Bud Light! or similar mass produced beer), never more than one a day, never tending toward alcoholism or even getting drunk, who took beer out and noticed a difference.

    DaddyGrok is in the above category and doesn't seem to have noticed a difference. . I'm not sure why he would, b/c he is the very picture of drinking in moderation - but maybe there's some reason he should give up what is his only real indulgence? (he never even liked sweet foods)
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