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Thread: IF and skipping/delaying breakfast

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    IF and skipping/delaying breakfast

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    I've got a question about breakfast and CW. I'm not sure if CW is leading me astray on this one or not.

    Basically I've had it drummed into my head that YOU MUST EAT BREAKFAST. You must must mustmustmust eat it within an hour of waking up. Or ELSE!

    I know a lot of people don't bother with breakfast because they aren't hungry in the morning, and that this is (via CW) very very BAD! Over years and years of obediently following this rule, I have trained myself to eat breakfast ASAP upon waking and I can stomach it okay.


    I have reactive hypoglycemia and I basically feel a hell of a lot better when I DON'T eat. I'm not interested in starving myself, I understand that this is counterproductive to being healthy. But I also am finding that I, frankly, enjoy fasting. I enjoy not having to eff around with my blood sugar for a few hours first thing in the morning.

    I suffer from depression and take tryptophan supplements- so far, to reasonable success. Ironically, I find that if I fast in the morning (so far for about 4-5hrs) and drink black tea with steiva AND take tryptophan, I'm a lot less anxious. Odd, given that caffeine and the dopamine reaction I personally have to the stevia both are BAD for serotonin levels. But the fact that I'm not eating anything means that the trytophan in the supplement has an even easier time getting into my brain.

    I'm also a freelance designer and illustrator. Having the first few hours of the day to just drink black tea and listen to the radio and get some good focused drawing work done would be great.

    So, my question is:

    Is is REALLY REALLY BAD for me to delay breakfast? Everything CW has told me says that it is. I suppose I should also see if I end up overeating later in the day to compensate- that obviously isn't what I want either.

    But I can see arguments both for this being typical CW misinformation or sensible health advice. So, I wanted to ask the knowledgable people here.
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    I dunno.

    I'm not in the IF cult at all, but I think you should do what makes you feel good, unless there is a compelling, technical reason.

    Trust your judgement?

    I do big breakfasts and little or no dinner in the evening. My bod just seems to work that way. If my bod wanted no breakfast and dinner instead, I would do that.

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    I eat one big meal in the evening and am totally fine.

    One of the reasons we're told not to skip breakfast is because of studies done that show that people who skip breakfast are much more likely to be overweight or obese. Of course what those studies fail to take into consideration is the reason most people skip breakfast: they're too busy. They've got to get out the door and start their commute to work. Then they're likely to get a donut and coffee on the way or raid the vending machines when they get there. Or they're likely to overeat on regular bad food throughout the afternoon.
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    Eat breakfast right away! Marketing ploy by the cereal and bread manufacturers maybe??? How else are you going to get two servings of grains in before you start snacking at 10:00 to last you until you have your sandwich at noon

    I wake up at 6:30, cook up a few slices of bacon and a couple of scrambled eggs, but throw them in a container and eat them at work around 9:00. I don't know if my co-workers are wondering where the smell of bacon is coming from and I don't care

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    I am not a breakfast person. The thought of food within the first couple of hours of waking up usually makes me feel nauseous. I'll make something the night before, and have it for whenever I get hungry in the morning, which often isn't until noon. Dragonfly is right, listen to your body!

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    Listen to your body. If you feel fine - skip it.

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    I feel best when I listen to my hunger. Most mornings I do not feel like eating and just wait until I am hungry - if I do that I feel clear and more energetic than if I force myself to eat.

    However, on the rare days that I wake up hungry, if I don't eat I can't think about anything but food and feel tired. I guess my body knows what it is doing I just listen to it. It is an excellent side effect of being primal

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    I often don't eat breakfast til 10 or 11 - and usually end up just eating 2 meals a day - it works for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CandylandCanary
    Is is REALLY REALLY BAD for me to delay breakfast?
    No. Why eat food if you don't want it?

    The only time I eat breakfast is if I'm going on a big hike, bike ride, etc. and I want the glycogen reserves, at which point I'll choke something down. Otherwise I skip it.

    The reason most people "should" eat breakfast is they're not fat-adapted and they get ravenously hungry around 10 AM if they don' which point they eat junk food at work.

    As long as not eating breakfast doesn't force you to eat junk later in the day, you're better off listening to your body.

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