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    Wink What's for your Easter dinner?

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    We are having a locally raised and cured ham cooked in a thyme, white wine, honey glaze, with mashed sweet potatoes and a salad with fresh organic strawberries. So excited! Also here is the beet pickled pink deviled eggs we are having. I posted them on my blog. They are so delicious and beautiful to behold.
    Here is the blog address for the recipe.

    Have a hoppy Easter!!
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    Those eggs look amazing!!! Gotta give them a try, thank you!
    See what I'm up to: The Primal Gardener

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    OMG! *drool* *dies*

    I hate you.


    Hubby stayed home from church today b/c he hasn't been feeling well, but when I came home the house smelled of AMAZING, happy piggy! And the dishes were done. I'd like to see Prince Charming in full armor and white steed top that one

    ham shank & sweet potatoes for us
    --Trish (Bork)

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    Wasn't a primal Easter for me, went out with my mom for sushi and ice cream.

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    King crab legs (with drawn Kerrygold butter), rib eye, green beans cooked with bacon and mashed cauliflower. Delish!!

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    We had our Oestra celebration yesterday at my house... and we had BBQ ribs, a big salad, and turnip greens. There were also some potatoes and baked beans for just alittle spoonfull for a taste of (we have cheat meals on the weekends... muscle building/carb loading thing). Who said it has to be ham, deviled eggs, etc...? We save most of our fruit for cheat meal days too... so it was cantaloupe and fresh pineapple for dessert. Once sweets are out of one's life...fruit is candy.

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    I am at a lodge on a remote island with some friends - I volunteered to do Easter dinner and it was spectacular, if I do say so myself! Locally raised pastured ham, with a (non-primal) sauce of dijon, marmalade, rum, honey & apple juice, beet greens & chard, creamy leeks, sweet potatoes and roast Yukon Gold potatoes. It was yummy.

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    Wasn't a primal meal for me, either; I was visiting friends and don't like to be a picky eater when I'm a guest in someone else's home. Dinner itself wasn't all that un-primal, meat and veggies mostly, but I also had half a roll and a piece of pie, and a few glasses of wine. Oh, well, it's a holiday, back on the horse tomorrow. I think I'm going to be feeling the sugar hangover, though.

    I'm kind of new to this, but I was surprised that when I got home tonight, I was really craving more carbs, even though I'd eaten plenty and shouldn't have been hungry. I've gotten used to not craving much in these past few weeks, it's interesting how quickly your body can freak out from one "bad" meal. I thought about it, though, and realized I hadn't eaten much protein in my dinner, so I had some eggs and felt better.

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    I had Wild Caught lobster tails dipped in Lemon Butter.

    It was terrible--really!

    NOT!!!!! ;-)

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    roast turkey breast, steamed brussle sprouts and carrots w/ some baked sweet potatoes

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