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Thread: What's for your Easter dinner?

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    Oooh! Those eggs are so pretty! I'll have to try them out if I get my hands on some beets (it's just not really the season...)

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    Roast Lamb
    roasted squash & sweet potato
    dessert - chocolate covered strawberries.

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    Indian food: paneer pilau, chicken marsala, salad with chutney over it, tomato coconut soup, goat ghosht, spinach curry, tandoori chicken, and (so not primal, but so worth it) dumplings in cardamom honey sauce.Sat night was the family dinner- roast leg of lamb, thermonuclear garlic smashed taters, sauted green beans, and a taste of the romanesco white beans with a dessert of strawberries and pineapples and 2 glasses of red during dinner.
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    Ham, ham and some more ham and kalmata olive, sliced tomato and deviled eggs.

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    I cook just for myself, so I was downright thrilled to find at Whole Foods, on Easter Sunday, a chunk of leg of lamb that weighed just under 2 pounds. It was like they put it there for me.

    I roasted it with thyme, garlic, and sea salt and ate it with sauteed asparagus and a sweet potato. It was fantastic. There are leftovers.

    (ETA: Now that I'm buying mostly grass-fed meat, lamb seems surprisingly affordable--at least the kind that comes in big chunks. And while it didn't specify grass-fed, it was from New Zealand, so I'm pretty sure it was. I'm definitely not waiting until next Easter to do this again.)
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