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Thread: Fasting 101?

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    Fasting 101?

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    Got done reading Eat Stop Eat and applied the 24 hour fast(longest fast before was 16 hours..IFing)
    My experience was interesting, I had mental clarity(this area has already been strengthened since going paleo....just seemed to stick out a little more). Oh and let me define my perception of mental clarity.
    mental clarity = following gets increased: energy, focus, calmness

    When I broke my fast(24 hour mark)...I ate paleo(baked salmon, avocado, and veggies). The interesting thing was after I ate this I noticed my mental clarity took a step back.

    I have been going to various websites on fasting(even here) and noticed that fasting is very subjective(in terms of over 24 hours). "water fast is the best", "water fast releases toxins to quickly, only do juicing fasts".

    I am interested in extending my fast up to 48 hours, anyone know a good website or opinion that has been tested alot where people are all in agreement on? Or is this something that I have to experience for myself (do a 2 day juice fast, then do a 2 day water fast)? Or do I fast longer ?
    Will not be surprised if the common answer is "experience for yourself", as this seems to be the best way for an individual to learn.

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    I dont have the answer really but I do know the high you are experiencing from fasting which is why I do it too.. but I think it was Martin from leangains that said fasting past 20 (?) hours doesnt provide more benefit than the 16-20 hour fast. i personally wouldnt recommend it.. but Im very active and it wouldnt be in my best interest so I never tried

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    Juice is nasty. It has a ton of sugar and a super high glycemic index. The one time I tried a juice fast, it made me sick. Water only for me.


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    Interesting Gordo, right after I posted this I wondered to the following youtube video YouTube - Sugar: The Bitter Truth (sugar the bitter truth) far it appears to bash "fructose" sugar in apples, pears, oranges....candy and other shit is not worth mentioning. The fruits blindsided me.

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