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Thread: Just What is a Cheat?

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    Just What is a Cheat?

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    I guess, sometimes, I really don't know what a 'cheat' is. I do know that in order to follow the guidlines, I am not supposed to have any grains, potatoes, beans, dairy or sugar. Now I do very good with those catagories. When I have a Big juicy Cheezeburger on a bun with catsup, now that is a cheat! I know that. But when I have peal and eat shrimp and dip it in cocktail sauce, is that really a cheat? Or if I have an omelette and add cheese, is that a cheat? (I don't have problems with diary) Or grilled/blackend fish with tarter sauce? Dressing on salad, Hot wings, fried shrimp/fish/chicken, etc., etc., etc. The list goes on and on. When I add something to the basic Primal food, am I cheating?
    Most of the questions come about when eating out. Which we seem to do quiet often since we live on our sailboat and are traveling and visiting different stops along the way. Most of the times we have looked forward to are tied to good places to eat that we have enjoyed over the years. I know, 'Food is fuel not entertainment'.
    By the way, the best fish sandwich I've had is at 'Doc Fords' in Ft Myers Beach, FL. Also the best fried Grouper sandwich is at Frenchies on Clearwater Beach. I guess my quest for that perfect grouper sandwich is over for now :-(
    Just adjusting to make it work for me.

    By the way, since I've stared this, I've lost from 265lb to 242lb in about 4 weeks.


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    I think everyone is going to have their own ideas on what constitutes a "cheat". You just have to do what feels comfortable for you, and it sounds like it's working for ya! For me a cheat is going out to a restaurant and not knowing what oils they cooked the food in, for someone else a cheat might be devouring a pizza. Whatever keeps you motivated the rest of the time, which is what really counts.
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    Agreed. For me a cheat is more than one serving of cheese per day or more than something like 4 squares of chocolate a day or a whole banana (as opposed to eating 1/4 + berries). Other cheats include: more than 1 large serving of full fat Greek yogurt, a fat free frozen yogurt, a lot of honey, a clif bar, etc.

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    When I hear the word cheat I think of something big. I use it in conjunction with something like, eating a brownie or a couple of cookies.

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    Descriptive statistics for a cheat:
    Minimum = a banana
    Maximum = tub of peanut butter cookie dough ice cream and three eclairs, with a corn oil chaser.
    Mean = A burger w/ bun and fries at a pub
    Average frequency of a cheat = twice weekly, but ranges from daily to never depending on cheat definition and individual stick-to-it-iveness.

    Personally I consider a banana and some Greek yogurt to be Primal, because I am following the actual book and not a secret super-version for forum members only. For me a "cheat" involves willful eating of one or more of the following: gluten grain, added sugar, industrial oils. That only ever happens when eating out socially. Most anything else I eat fits in the plan just fine. Things like almond butter w/ 80% dark chocolate are not cheats, just things I don't want to eat too much of because of calorie content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wmiii View Post
    By the way, the best fish sandwich I've had is at 'Doc Fords' in Ft Myers Beach, FL. Also the best fried Grouper sandwich is at Frenchies on Clearwater Beach. I guess my quest for that perfect grouper sandwich is over for now :-(
    Just adjusting to make it work for me.
    I'd venture to say that a fish sandwich can be fit in every month or so without destroying your health entirely, unless you're gluten intolerant. It might make you feel less than ideal afterward, but hey, it's a trade-off.

    For me, an example of a cheat is eating gelato and pasta at a meal or two when I was in Italy-- sure, it's gluten, it's not Primal, but I'm not going to be in Italy eating pasta again for at least a few years, if ever. If I had the chance to eat the best fried fish sandwich of my life, I'd go for it, because I'm not going to be eating that sort of thing more than once or twice a year. So, that's a 'cheat' for me
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    All good answers. For me . . .

    All of my ancestors came through Northern Europe. I do fine with dairy. Not a cheat unless it involves sugar.
    More than a very small amount of sugars is a cheat for me.
    Any wheat, rye, barley, oats are a cheat.
    A couple of corn tortillas per week or fresh local corn in season are not a cheat.
    In line with Harris and Jaminet, I define potatoes as part of my regular diet, and therefore not a cheat.
    I probably eat about 1/2 to 1 can of Eden traditionally soaked beans per week, which I consider not a cheat.
    More than one serving per day of fruit is a cheat. Any juice is a cheat.
    Eating a whole ultra-dark chocolate bar is a cheat.
    Eating out about once a month while trying to select carefully but not worrying about oils is not a cheat.
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    Wow, you guys are weak :P A cheat is a binge for me. 1 or 2 bars of chocolate in one sitting with half a jar of almond butter (or any other butter) and one or two whole cottage cheese(s) (250g) plus the regular meal. These are still kind of primal, it's just that I eat them in large doses.

    Outside of primal I'd say a cheat is pizza, burgers, bread or sugary cereals (unless you're doing a refeed).

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    Thanks guys,
    That is where my mind is going. I am staying away from grains, potatoes, beans, and dairy, but ifr the occasion arrises, I may slip. It looks like the minor amounts of slippage I do are minimal at best. Just try not to overdo it.

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    moral of the story? Cheats are defined by your personal standards

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