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Thread: Siouxie's own version of the Primal/Paleo diet

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    Siouxie's own version of the Primal/Paleo diet

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    Ok here goes....

    Basically I've always thought I was reasonably healthy, hardly ever got sick, but always had/have a general feeling of lethargy and mental fog, finding it hard to verbally articulate myself and finding it easier to be solitary.

    Also - the major reason behind my diet/lifestyle change is my skin - nasty cystic adult acne. I am no longer on hormonal birth control (not that it helped) but I am on an antibiotic which I began around the same time as these changes about a month ago.

    So far in the last few days I have noticed an increase in energy, and possibly a less foggy brain. My eyes look clearer too. Week 2 or 3 into it I went on holiday and spent hours around the pool in the sun and by then end of the week my skin was looking clearer - so I may also have a Vit D deficiency, which is no surprise as I spend 5 days a week in an office and actively avoided the sun every day.

    So as well as dietary changes I make an effort to get a good amount of sun on my arms, legs and face every day, with a zinc supplement and probiotic every day as well.

    So my diet is pretty much wheat/diary/grain/sugar/tomato/most fruit free.

    My day usually consists of:

    Morning: Probiotic. Fresh lemon juice with filtered water.
    B: Cubed sweet potato steamed in the microwave, sometimes with avocado, 1-2 organic detox green tea.
    L: Green spinach-y salad with pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Sometimes avocado. Zinc. 1-2 green tea.
    D: Salmon (occasionally chicken) with more sweet potato or fresh/frozen veges such as pumpkin, broccoli, cauliflower etc cooked with Organic unrefined coconut oil
    Night: Antibiotic. Sometimes more lemon juice & water.
    Snacks: Nuts & Seeds: Brazil, Almonds, Pepitas, felafels made from packet mix, small can of 4 bean mix.

    Today I bought a 1kg packet of frozen blueberries and free range eggs with no added hormones or antibiotics and will include them in my snacks.

    I was completely sober for the first 3 weeks but have been drinking vodka and soda on occasion recently (and red wine last night when I went out to dinner) so have been cheating, but will tighten things up from now on and only drink if I'm heading out at night, which isnt every week.

    I'm giving the drugs 3-6 months so the diet has time to kick in, then I'm going to gradually wean myself off.

    Has anyone here seen good results in their skin problems?? How long did it take? Thanks.
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    Hi Siouxie. Welcome.

    Are you ok with meat? (Beef, lamb, etc.) Sounds like you may need more saturated fat. Coconut if you don't do meat or dairy.

    Go very easy on nuts, seeds and beans.

    Red wine and other non-grain drinks are fine, in moderation (like one drink/day.)

    Do you track what you eat? Are you getting enough food?

    Might try vitamin D3 supplement, or have your level tested if you can.

    Good luck with primal.
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    Thanks Hedonist.

    I haven't ruled out red meat all together, I will eat it occasionally (as in every few weeks) but as a personal choice I don't buy it when I go shopping.

    I have started using coconut oil when I fry things up and steam things in the microwave. I even tried pouring a little bit onto a plate, solidifying it in the fridge and eating it like that - not bad but not overly tasty either.

    I'm eating brazil nuts, almonds and pepitas because of their beneficial Vitamin and mineral content for my skin. Almonds especially have Vit E which is one of the best Vit's for skin. I should cut down tho, but they are so easy to eat as a snack.

    Today's food was:

    B: Boiled egg. Steamed sweet potato with coconut oil. Spinach and avocado. Green Tea.
    S: Black tea
    L: Chicken, lettuce and cucumber salad.
    S: Lemon Juice, nuts, blueberries, small amount of canned 4 bean mix, leftover sweet potato/spinach/avo from breakfast, chicken. Green Tea.
    D: Salmon cutlet, coconut oil, sweet potato, leek and pumpkin (and 2 hot chips )

    I might have some more blueberries for dessert later if I feel like it.

    I got plenty of sun being outside for an ANZAC day parade so I got my Vit D. As for my skin progress - a few under the skin bumps that I feared would erupt into cysts still have not shown up and I don't think they will. My skin is predominatly just dull spot scars which is an improvement, but still frustrating. I know they will fade but I'm so impatient!

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    I've had good results in terms of skin changes after going Primal. It took about 8-10 weeks for me to clue in to the changes, though. Change is still ongoing but certainly noticeable to me. In addition to better skin, I find it's also less sensitive, which is a plus.
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    Hit a new low weight today - 56.4kg (I'm 165ish cm) which takes me to the lowest end of the 'acceptable' BMI range.

    Is good (what girl doesnt like losing a little pudge?) but also a little worrying. I was never overweight to begin with so if I keep losing weight I'll be skeletal. 55kg is my ideal weight so I have a little more room to play around in.

    I have gone back on my No Red Meat preference.

    Yesterday my legs were feeling weird, kind of tired and lethargic and I've noticed that whilst I have more energy I still feel lethargic - if that makes sense, so I ran out and got some marinated kangaroo steaks - 2% fat and high in iron. The marinade probably isnt primal (not to mention all the additives etc) but the normal stuff is too gamey-tasting for me. Will make my own marinade next time.

    Very tasty. Will keep the 'Roo on the menu methinks.

    I havent been exercising (what a waste of money that gym membership has been) but only because I dont want to sweat with makeup on until my skin sorts itself out. Plus winter is creeping in - less sun!

    May have to invest in a good Vit D supplement - anyone know who does a good Vit D in Australia? Blackmores?

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    Ate like a pig today - all primal - but a lot of it. I think my monthly is due tomorrow which could explain it.

    Being on the birth control implant caused my cycle to be not so cyclic (sp?). It was so irregular I had no idea when it would arrive until I got some minor symptoms in the days beforehand. I had it removed in January this year, and my second cycle after removal was 26 days after the one prior, and tomorrow is day 26 again, so if it arrives in the next 1-3 days I will be happy as this means my hormones are balancing out.

    Another good thing is that I havent gotten the usual PMS symptoms either, which weren't major to begin with, but regardless they have lessened. Another good sign!!

    Food today:

    B: Sweet potato and avocado. Lots of Green Tea.
    L: Spinach, chicken and avo salad
    D: Salmon fillet with bok choy and leek with coconut oil
    S: Lemon juice, brazil nuts, blueberries, more sweet potato, sml tinned salmon, coconut oil, hazelnuts.

    Doesnt look like much after I've written it out, but it was. Blerghh fat tummy.

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    It's a friday. Had 2 glasses of red wine with the workmates and have had a few vodka's with soda water and a generous splash of fresh lemon juice at home watching the royal wedding.

    My monthly didnt come today. Had a few crampy pains, but that could've been digestion related. Still have a few days to play around with before I get concerned about my hormone level.

    Food today:

    B: Sweet potato, lots of green tea.
    L: Bought salad of spinach, chicken, cucumber, onion, black olives, roasted pumpkin and avocado mayo.
    D: Marinated kangaroo, bok choy, leek and sweet potato.
    S: lemon juice, packet mix falafels, coconut oil, brazil & hazelnuts, blueberries, roast veal (vodka + red wine).

    Sun exposure was limited to about 10-ish minutes. It can be a pain working in an office all day, you get to late afternoon before you realise you havent been outside, and by that time it's too late. Will definately be making up for it this weekend. Will even go for a walk or 2.

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    Lazy Saturday today, visited a farmers market for the first time (omg that german sausage bbq made my mouth water!!) and did some experimenting in the kitchen.

    I made my first green smoothie, and I have to say it was quite tasty!:
    1 can of reduced fat organic coconut milk

    And I also threw together a coconut slice:
    1/2C almond meal
    1C shredded coconut (it wasnt until I got home that I read the ingredients list - added sugar and additives! - I didnt want to waste it but will be a bit more vigilent next time, it just goes to show that manufacturers will add in extra crap whenever they get the chance!)
    1 free range egg (fresh from the farmers market!)
    Lemon essence.
    Makes about 8 small slices. Tasted lovely raw but held it's shape better after I baked it. The added sugar definately had me comeing back for more

    Another "raw food" product I found today is a snack bar by 'Raw Revolution' and they have 4 flavours - I had cashew and agave nectar, they also had chocolate and agave, chocolate and coconut and spirulina and cashew (they were all out of the spirulina, otherwise I would have gotten that one). All organic and very very tasty. Will definately go back for the spirulina one.

    EDIT: Just did a search on agave nectar on this site - have now found out it is just as bad, if not worse, than normal sugar shame.

    Also made Kale chips with EVOO and himalayan crystal salt. I bought 2 massive bunches of kale today (I was a kale virgin until today) and I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it all!

    Had a high, stable level of energy today even without any carbs (which I mostly get from sweet potato, will have some for dinner soon though). I was so motivated that I even sat down to do some boring study! Only managed a few pages though Got a fair amount of sun - there was no cloud cover so didn't need to stay out for long.

    Going out for lunch tomorrow and we are checking out a boutique chocolate store that has just opened in town. Their hot chocolate is to die for! Unfortunately I can't have any as they more than likely use diary milk but I may give in to 1 or 2 dark choc truffles. Will also try to make some almond meal and coconut milk pancakes if I wake up early enough.

    Time for some more vodka and soda methinks!
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    My hormones are definately on their way to balancing, got my monthly on day 28 exactly which is great news, and basically no pms symptoms at all. The naturopath I saw earlier made me do a saliva hormone test which showed that my ratio of estrogen/progesterone/testosterone was that of a post-menopausal woman! (I'm 27 btw) and as far as I can gather I was estrogen dominant, which causes all types of problems.

    Skin wise I've been better - nothing new but some existing non-inflammed whiteheads have decided to start to come out, which they eventually had to I suppose. Red marks still bother me.

    It was (and still will be) a very indulgent day. Tried to make some pancakes with almond meal, coconut milk, egg and blueberries for breakfast. EPIC FAIL!! it just couldn't stick together in the pan ah well gotta try these things. I ended up chucking the rest of the mix in the oven and baking a very large chewy cookie-thing.

    Went to visit the chocolate shop today and I'm very proud to say that I resisted ordering the very best hot chocolate in the world and had a peppermint tea instead (I have a tiny sip of my friends hot choc tho - sooooooo good). I did buy 4 little truffles - all dark chocolate but some have gooey centres, and a small block of 100% chocolate. Wow that stuff tastes absolutely foul by itself! Will have to melt a bit down and mix it with some coconut milk or my green smoothies.

    We then went for lunch and I had a beautiful melt-in-the-mouth beef cheek with red wine 'jus', grilled bacon and a big half field mushroom. Unfortunately it was all on a big bed of whipped potato (whipped with cream by the looks of it!) I managed to scrape most of it to the side but I did ingest some of it. And for dinner I'm meeting another friend at a pub, so more alcohol and more food.

    I have ordered my very own copy of the Primal Blueprint book - can't wait until that arrives!
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    Grrrrr. My skin is being very sh!tty today. Nothing new, just existing little ones becoming big inflammed ones. I will not pick. I will not pick. They have to come out I suppose - but why cant they just dry up and fall out like good little pimples?!?!?!?!? It's also a bit more oily than usual, but that might be due to that time of the month.

    I've noticed that because I'm not getting as many carbs I need to graze all day. That being said my energy levels are still stable throughout the day and I'm always in a good mood, which is a plus for my stress levels (and for my skin).

    Dinner last night was good - sizzling garlic and chilli prawns with a dressed salad and 2 glasses of red wine. The salad came with 6 huge slices of turkish bread on top - I mean come on! 1 or 2 might be ok to soak up the prawn oil if you wanted to...but 6?? P2P (prior to primal) I would have eaten at least 3 or 4 of those slices.

    My dining partner is a naturopath, and she commented on my weight loss - which must be a bit more advanced than I thought. I told her that I wasn't eating wheat and grains as well as dairy and sugar, and she confirmed that a lot of her clients feel better when they are off gluten, and that it irritates your stomach (or digestive system or something like that). So I'm very happy that a flesh and blood person has confirmed what I am doing isn't completely nuts!

    I have noticed whilst I've been eating out that 85% - 90% of the meals on the menu will include either potatoes, pasta or rice, have bread on the side and/or a creamy dressing. No wonder everyone is getting fat when it's so hard to choose a meal without heavy carbs to go with it. If it's on the plate, you feel the need to eat it or else you're not getting your money's worth.

    Food today:

    B: Green smoothie (kale, blueberries, coconut milk), sweet potato, lotsa green tea.
    L: Leftover blueberrie & almond meal cookie-thing, boiled egg, spinach & pumpkin salad.
    D: Salmon, McCain sweet potato superfries, frozen mixed vege stirfry in coconut oil.
    S: Brazil nuts, tinned salmon, more leftover cookie-thing, smoothie, 2 falafels, lemon juice, dark chocolate truffle.

    I've just smashed up some frozen blueberries and mixed them with some coconut oil and put it in the fridge to harden - hopefully will taste nice.

    Exercise today was a small walk at lunch to the park where I sat in the sun for 30 mins or so.
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