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Thread: Siouxie's own version of the Primal/Paleo diet

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    My appetite has calmed down today, I don't feel the need to continuously chew on something like I have been the last few days. I've never really paid attention to minor things like my appetite before, because I've never really been conscious of my hormones and how they actually have such a profound effect on my entire being.

    It's quite scary to think that we have the very easy ability to feel amazing and work on such a high level, but we succumb to media advertising and believe that big business' products will make us feel better, which they may do for a short while before making us feel worse (alcohol), or they may make one part of you better whilst poisoning another part (such as body cream which may make your skin smooth, but contains parabens which poison your insides and affect your hormones). The compounded impact of all these different poisons that we put in our bodies dulls our ability to understand how we are really feeling, and we dont understand that until we experience the feeling of proper health.

    Haha wow I'm a bit philosophical today.

    So far I have eaten:

    B: Green smoothie, sweet potato, green tea
    L: Leftover McCain sweet potato super fries and vege stirfry from last night's dinner,
    S: Lemon Juice.

    Usually by now I would have chowed down on a handful of brazil nuts, a falafel or two, and any other random snack I have lying around. I still have this afternoon to get through tho!

    EDIT: Haha what did I say! I got through my nuts and falafels (yes I know they have chickpeas in them, but they are a good little snack to have on hand).

    Something I have noticed recently is that my nails are looking really, really pink, darker than normal. They look really healthy! When I first noticed I thought they were more noticeable because I had a bit of a tan, but looking at them today they look really good

    Also - and this might be my wishful thinking - but since I started drinking my green smoothies, my dark acne marks are fading quicker. My face is kinda gettng more even-coloured quicker than normal. But this is obviously a work in progress.
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    I'm loving the new series of Masterchef right now - 3 episodes in and I'm addicted again. Who knew watching 40 people make mayonnaise would be so fascinating?? It's weird, I love love love cooking shows, but I have never liked to cook myself!

    Well these days I am 'cooking' more and kind of enjoying it, as long as it's quick and simple with limited ingredients. I just don't see the point of slaving away in the kitchen for hours on end with 50 different ingredients, just to produce something that is eaten in 5 minutes! There must be something about cooking I don't get. I must not have "the passion"!! Easy stirfries with oil, salt & pepper, fried or microwaved salmon with nothing else, maybe some fried chicken slices with cajun seasoning - easy peasy.

    Experimented with a freezer dessert tonight: Blended coconut milk & oil, shredded coconut and frozen berries - basically a frozen smoothie. Always good to have something to chew on after work besides eggs. I also added shredded coconut to my new batch of green smoothies.

    I think I might give the falafels the flick. I had 3 today and my stomach felt a bit nasty afterward - could it be my body finally rejecting the legumes??

    Food today:
    B: Green smoothie, sweet potato, green tea
    L: Spinach, tinned wild alaskan salmon, sweet potato & avocado salad, blueberries.
    D: Salmon fillet, sweet potato
    S: Brazil nuts, smoothie ingredients, 2 eggs, falafels, lemon juice

    I wont be surprised if I wake up with an orange tan tomorrow after all that sweet potato!

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    It's a bit strange but I've started getting minor headaches in the afternoons, whereas before I hardly ever got headaches. They don't really hurt, but they are noticeable - I wonder what could be causing it? It thought it might be the legumes in the falafels, but I havent had any today and I still got a slight afternoon ache. Possibly it's the carbs or lack thereof. I'm sure I'm getting enough fat from my coconut milk smoothies in the mornings and from avocado and frying my vegies in coconut oil....hmmm dunno.

    Drove past a place that makes raw food today so I dropped in for a snack. I've been there before and had a raw pumpkin pie (other ingredients unknown) which was delish so I was hoping they had some today, but no Instead they had a raw pizza which was your basic vege ingredients on a nut base. It was really yummy but it wasnt until I ate it that I realised they had a tomato based sauce on it (as most pizza's do - duh). I've been avoiding tomatoes because I think they might break me out, so hopefully nothing nasty erupts in the next few days. Ideally the green smoothies and anitbiotics will counteract any bad reaction I might have.

    Another thing I got was a raw chocolate cake, again the majority of ingredients are unknown besides nuts & raw cacao (I'm guessing). I have no idea how much sugar is in it so the few bites I had of it after dinner may well be making my blood sugar sky rocket as we speak. I am drinking some lemon juice now to reduce it's glycemic load. I don't feel any sugar rush at the moment but will report back.

    Another thing I have just noticed after having some of the cake, is that I don't feel like demolishing the lot in one sitting like I would normally do (or maybe because it's really rich). I had a small bite this arvo when I bought it, a few more after dinner, and there is still at least half the slice left. I've read other people's comments that they too develop a resistance to eating as much sweet stuff as they used to before primal. Yay for my waistline.

    Todays food:
    B: Green smoothie, sweet potato, green tea (aka the usual)
    L: Raw pizza slice, spinach, salmon, sweet potato & avo salad, blueberries
    D: Cajun spiced chicken breast, stirfried frozen veges, choc pie
    S: Brazil & hazelnuts, lemon juice

    It definately looks like I'm eating less, but I never feel hungry. I actually feel like I'm eating more than I should. Then again I eat a fair amount of nuts and the sweet potato I have in the morning is a substantial amount - still if I'm gonna eat too much of something it might as well be a whole food.

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    Update to the Great Raw Chocolate Cake consumption:


    I never felt a sugar high or rush, but boy do I feel sick in my stomach now. I also had 2 squares of 60%+ dark chocolate with nuts, so that would have contributed.

    I'm taking this as a good sign that my body is changing and rejecting rubbish - I'm just hoping this wont show up on my skin tomorrow.

    Speaking of my skin. The small non-inflammed whitehead that turned into a big inflammed boil just before my period has finally relinquished its gunk, so its not looking too flash at the moment but at least its all out. sorry if TMI

    Overall skin tone is looking better and marks are fading slowly.

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    Had a major stressful time at the end of work today. So much so that I have indulged in more than a few (with more to come I'm sure) vodka lemon & sodas (it is friday after all!). Not in the best of moods, a bit depressed, due to a few reasons but all will be well tomorrow.

    We had morning tea at work today. Normally that would make me VERY pies, sausage rolls, dips and other crap - woohoo yummy (not). But today it just really really annoyed me. Because everyone congregates near my desk for morning tea, I left the building and sat outside in the sun for 15 minutes.

    I think my facial skin is getting drier - which is good! Most noticably on my forehead. My skin has been soo oily for so long, but it appears to be drying out. Now that I think of it, my acne definately must be due to my diet and/or hormones. My forehead has been the oiliest place on my face, but it's the only place that i havent had adult acne. Bizarre.

    Ate a fair bit of chicken skin and other fatty bits tonight, plus the parsons nose! It tasted sooo good! I'm so glad I can eat this stuff and not feel guilty about it anymore.

    I lost another 200g in weight when I weighed myself today. 56.2kg. Kinda good, kinda concerning. My skinny jeans are getting loose!! Mum and Dad had a go at me as well about my weight. They are soo stuck in their little lifestyle rut that I'm seriously not going to bothing explaining what I eat. As long as they see me eat, and realise I'm not starving myself, they can't complain too much.

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    I still cant get over how pink my nails are getting. It's like I've had a french manicure (just needed to comment on that .

    Took my mother to the farmers market this morning. Picked up 2 bags of spinach, 3 huge sweet potatoes and some organic kale. Had to hold myself back from the german sausage sizzle again. I then went to a nearby specialty supermarket that sold huge chunks of grass fed beef and every other type of fresh food imaginable! It's good to know where to get some good quality beef should I ever need 5kg worth! Picked up the last 2 remaining Raw Revolution Spirulina and Cashew bars as well (even with the agave nectar - they aren't an everyday treat so it can't be too bad). Then I went general food shopping at the supermarket, I must've had the emptiest trolley in the entire store! I was wandering up and down the isles full of packaged biscuits, chips, coke, manufactured 'food' etc etc and I didn't see the necessity of any of it! I was tempted by a block of dark chocolate, but after the Great Raw Chocolate Cake Consumption and it's aftereffects earlier this week I passed.

    I did pick up some bacon though (which I havent touched in ages) and had a few slices for lunch fried in olive oil. It seemed a waste to throw out the oil and bacon fat left in the pan so I then steamed some sweet potato in the microwave and fried that up in the leftover oil and ate it with some mashed avocado YUUMMMMMM. I wont have bacon on my usual menu because of the nasty nitrites in it, but occasionally will be ok.

    I actually found myself looking for fatty bits of red meat today, which is a first. Picked up some lamb riblets - cheap as chips and basically half meat half fat. Normally I would never consider even looking at spareribs because of the fat content, but it's so refreshing knowing that I don't have to worry about it anymore. If I can lose weight and feel better drinking coconut milk everyday, then a bit of fat on my lamb won't hurt either.

    I'm still a bit wary of beef. Milk is full of cow hormones which can potentially wreck havoc with human hormones (the last thing I want right now with regards to my skin!) so what is to say that the meat is any different?

    I'm off to do a 'power walk' with my sister this afternoon, which will be the first proper exercise I've done in ages. Will be interesting. Then I'm staying at hers for the night to watch a movie and probably have takeout and a few drinks. As long as it's Thai I'll be happy.

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    Sooo tired today. I drank both friday night and last night, and both times I had such a shite night's sleep (or lack thereof).

    P2P when I drank my sleep would be affected, but not to this extent. Now I fall asleep immediately for a few hours, but then I will wake up and lie there for hours on end, then I'll drift in and out of a light sleep until it's time to get up. Grrrrrr. I know my body is telling me that alcohol is bad - but geez I've cut out everything else that tastes good (beer, sugar etc), that red wine and vodka are the only vices I have left to enjoy!!!

    I'm starting to turn into one of "those" people that criticize the bad stuff other people eat, talk non-stop about nutrition like I have a degree in the subject and try to convert people like a religious fanatic. I seriously need to shut up sometimes, but come on, isnt everyone as interested in this subject as me?? hehe.

    Food today:

    B: 2 scrambled eggs a la microwave, peppermint tea (was at my sisters house)
    L: lamb riblets, sweet potato, green tea
    D: Salmon fillet, frozen vege and kale stirfry
    S: Green smoothie, green tea, macadamias and almonds, spirulina & cashew bar, blueberries

    Dying to go to sleep - must.stay.awake.for.Masterchef!
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    I definately noticed a difference in my quality of sleep last night after not having any alcohol. In other words I actually got to sleep and stayed asleep! Was a bit harder to wake up this morning, but I felt a lot better during the day.

    I absolutely powered through my work today. I had a high level of focus and I think I got through 2-3 days worth of work in 1 (amazing what a deadline can do to you . I was even ok with staying behind to do a little bit of overtime to tie things up. And now at home I'm gonna continue working on a convoluted job application - gotta take advantage of this mental focus! (after masterchef of course)

    My Primal Blueprint book arrived today! Can't wait to finish this job application so I can sit down and read it cover to cover.

    Food today:
    B: The usual
    L: Spinach, avo & sweet potato salad with lamb riblets.
    D: Cajun spiced chicken breast, spinach and frozen veg stirfry
    S: Macadamias and almonds, blueberries, lemon juice, green & blacks dark chocolate.

    My skin is behaving itself. Not much to report. Not perfect yet but getting there. My ultimate goal is to be able to go out in public with no makeup on at all and know that it looks great. And I'm on my way! I realise that the antibiotics I'm taking are contributing to the clearing of my acne, but this diet has to be helping just as much because my actual complexion is getting clearer and more even, and my scars are gradually fading as well. My eyes are clearer and my nails are healthier and stronger, and I'm not taking synthetic hormonal birth control anymore, so when it comes to weaning myself of the pills I'm very confident that my skin will stay clear.
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    Feel so tired tonight. I chalk this down to being so freakin bored at work and having nothing to challenge my brain. I swear I spent at least 60% of my day surfing the internet. Hence the reason that I have started applying for new jobs. I like where I work, everyone is lovely (most people) but right now I am just going through the motions, I'm not learning anything new and I'm basically just waiting around until the powers-that-be agree to promote me into another division, which wont happen full time anytime soon.
    So I'm taking charge of my future (and my brain!) and looking elsewhere.

    Had Chinese takeaway for dinner tonight for my fathers birthday. Vegetable chop suey, king prawns with veges and cashews, and mongolian beef (passed on the steamed rice of course). Obviously the ingredients in the sauces were unknown (especially the mongolian beef, that was REALLY questionable) but I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

    Have been reading a bit of my PB book and it has mentioned abstaining from technology before bed. Which I'm going to do tonight to see if my sleep is any better. It's already better with primal, so this is a kind of experiment. I usually surf the net and watch tv at the same time until I go to sleep, which isnt good. Tonight I'm going to read my PB book and get to sleep early, hopefully tomorrow will be better.

    Ok, night night!

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    I really think that I'm losing my craving for alcohol. Today is a Friday, and P2P I would get absolutely smashed, either by myself or when I went out on a friday or saturday.
    Starting at about 4pm, I'd have a 6 pack of beer (at least) plus lots of easy drinking white wine, and I would probably pass out by about 8ish. Thats really healthy! I would wake up feeling revolting, and then do it all again the next weekend, not including the bottles of wine and beer during the week. Come every friday arvo it would be "is it beer o'clock yet?".

    Now, I can go all week without craving booze, and tonight I had 2 small glasses of red wine and that was it! That never happens! Normally, if I open a bottle, then I have to drink the whole bottle! My vodka and soda has been sitting in my fridge feeling very neglected since last week as well.

    I'm very impressed.

    I actually went for a walk around the block today, and got lots of sun throughout the day, especially on my face. My weight is stable at 56.3kg which I'm happy with. Skin is getting there, however I seemed to have attacked the tip of my nose whilst I've been asleep the last few nights, and I have some glamorous red marks on the very tip that are scabbing over! I look like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer!!

    I really just grazed today, as opposed to having proper meals:
    Green smoothie, kangaroo kebab, sweet potato and avocado, nuts and seeds, salmon, spinach and kale, blueberries, lots and lots of green tea, lemon juice, red wine.

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